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[Feature Request] Extend relative input functionality to rotation/push-pull movements

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Several, Trauma Center: Second Opinion particularly

What's the problem? Describe what went wrong.

The current functionality for binding Wii Remote rotation does the job, but makes precise maneuvers extremely difficult. Case in point, Trauma Center. You must hold the binding to turn the Wiimote in one direction, but on release, it immediately starts turning back to its neutral position again. In Trauma Center: Second Opinion you need to rotate bone fragments to an exact orientation, then place them in their designated spots. This ends up becoming a battle of trying to fight the automatic counter-rotation in order to keep the fragment at the correct angle at the same time as placing it.
Emulated Push and Pull movements suffer from the same problem. Again relating to Trauma Center, in the "An Explosive Patient" level, you need to remove and put pins in different positions. In emulator, this means you need to hold down the bound key to pull the pin out, but keep holding it to prevent the emulator pushing it back in again. And if you hold it for too long, the game gets glitchy and just resets the remote's position. If you release the button at this point, the game interprets your movement as pushing forward again, making this section of the game extremely difficult.

Giving Rotation and Pushing/Pulling a "Relative Input" option that prevents the emulator from automatically trying to return the Wiimote to its neutral state would solve both of these problems, and likely make many other games with similar controls easier as well.

What steps will reproduce the problem?

Bind keys to rotation or Push and pull.
Push either one while in the configuration section and watch the example square.
The wiimote will always return to its neutral state once the button is released.


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