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Input Mapping On Android Lacks Many Functions

Added by retroben about 3 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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Not exactly game specific,applies to all games if anyone wishes to use extensive input configurations.

The problem is that there is no user friendly way to map inputs with complex options such as if a certain button or key is NOT pressed then keep the Wiimote sideways and using the the same key for if a certain key is pressed then point the Wiimote at the screen,instead of that it just always points at the screen unless I hold the key I have mapped to it.
This is a required function for at least Super Paper Mario for when rather or not you are using Tippi's power of revealing secrets which stops you in place since the emulated Wiimote is always pointing at the screen.
It also doesn't have any way to utilize the mouse cursor like Windows definitely has.

Don't know what to say about reproducing it,but just map these related actions and you will have limited control over IR cursor movement and will have to hold the mapped key to the point at screen function instead of the required option for not pressing it to avoid staying in pointing mode.

I am currently using 5.0-4687 with the same results as before on a much older build long forgotten.

I am on the same Shield TV Pro 2015 on OTA 5.0.2 with good rendering on Vulkan.

I attempted to attach my Wiimote ini file and hope it attaches correctly,it is mapped for my old Logitech K400r keyboard and still works with my Logitech K400 Plus keyboard.

WiimoteNew.ini (16.7 KB) WiimoteNew.ini retroben, 07/17/2017 08:42 AM


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Let me know if I should create a separate issue for this but cursor position could be mapped to the touch screen.

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I don't think a separate issue report for that would be useful at this point.

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