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Majoras Mask (VC) Sound Disappears; Also Softlock

Added by master0fdisaster1 over 3 years ago. Updated over 3 years ago.

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The Legend of Zelda: Majoras Mask (VC) NTSC-U

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After longer stretches of playing the game will go mute seemingly at random. In my playthrough this bug only occoured twice. Once on the great bay as i was swimming back to the lab after collecting the eggs at the pirate fortress. And the second time outside the Stone Tower Temple after flipping the temple the second time.

If the game goes mute and you perform one of the songs on your ocarina (or any other instrument) the game will softlock in the replay animation of the song where link plays the whole song. The stave and the first note of the song you played appear but the rest of the notes don't and link is stuck in the ocarina playing animation -> Softlock.

What steps will reproduce the problem?
No Idea. The bug so far only occoured after playing for long stretches of time.

It is important to make sure the bug hasn't already been fixed. Please tell us what the latest version you've verified the bug on.

The first time the bug happend i was on a version somewhere between 5.0-2200 and 5.0-2500 ( I don't remember exactly but i started playing shortly after it became playable with 5.0-2127). The second time happend on 5.0-5207

Is the issue present in the latest stable version?
The game wasn't playable in the latest stable version.

What are your PC specifications?
i3-4360 @ 3.70GHz; AMD Radeon R9 280; Windows 10 before the creators update version (because fuck Microsoft for screwing with my stuff)

Is there anything else that can help developers narrow down the issue?

I made a .7z file with my safefile, a Fifo-log showing the softlock and two of my savestates that were taken the closest to the bug. The first state is about 5-10 minutes before the bug happend and savestate 4 is directly after. Both were taken on version 5.0-5207. Since the Fifo log is rather large (185MB) i have put it in a seperate .7z file.

Here is the Fifolog:

And Here are the saves:

If needed i could send the game itself since it's only 40 MB.

Config.jpg (663 KB) Config.jpg Config master0fdisaster1, 08/22/2017 10:05 AM
Graphics Config.png (65.3 KB) Graphics Config.png Graphics Config master0fdisaster1, 08/22/2017 10:05 AM


#1 Updated by JMC4789 over 3 years ago

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I'm marking this questionable for a few obvious reasons. I 100% believe this behavior is happening, but, I believe there are already issues that cover it.

Can you try raising the Emulated CPU Clock Rate to ~150 to 200%? That'll get the emulator running closer to how it would on console. Enabling Single Core may help, but shouldn't matter on a VC game. Losing audio sounds like a timing issue, but, the best I can do is merge it into our timing issues issue.

Please give me an update when you get a chance!

#2 Updated by master0fdisaster1 over 3 years ago

Clarification: The Fifolog is extracted 185MB. The .7z file is only about 5MB. Compression is really impressive.

#3 Updated by JMC4789 over 3 years ago

As it's not a GPU issue, a fifolog is not necessary. Savestate may be helpful, but, maybe not as well. It's locked to a build, so if you do upload one make sure you say what build it was made in.

#4 Updated by master0fdisaster1 over 3 years ago

Okay I managed to get a savestate thats consistently a second before the bug occours .

Rasing the CPU clock Rate to 200% and then loading that savestate resulted in the bug not occouring.

#5 Updated by master0fdisaster1 over 3 years ago

All savestates i linked are made in version 5.0-5207

#6 Updated by JMC4789 over 3 years ago

Yeah, it's because our CPU emulation is too slow in some cases. I'll write up a better master issue later... accepting this 'cause you did all the hard work for me ;)

#7 Updated by JMC4789 over 3 years ago

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