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Android: Can't detect save data in Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Added by ryanebola16 over 2 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

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Super Smash Bros. Brawl

Game ID? (right click the game in the game list, properties, info tab)


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WIIScrubber edited ISO, only replaces music and intro video. Works fine on Dolphin and real Wii.

What's the problem? Describe what went wrong.

This problem doesn't occur consistently. Brawl prompts me to create a new save file occasionally. The issue will eventually recur after creating a new save file. It may have something to do with recalling Dolphin from background apps. The attached log gives information on what occurs up until being prompted for creating a new save file.

What steps will reproduce the problem?

  1. Play Brawl
  2. Exit emulation
  3. Press home button to add app to background tasks
  4. Restart phone
  5. Play Brawl again. You will likely be prompted to create a new save file.

Is the issue present in the latest development version? For future reference, please also write down the version number of the latest development version.


Is the issue present in the latest stable version?


If the issue isn't present in the latest stable version, which is the first broken version? (You can find the first broken version by bisecting. Windows users can use the tool and anyone who is building Dolphin on their own can use git bisect.)

Even though this PR is unrelated to this issue, I think the problem did not occur before The problem began sometime between 5.0-6568 and 5.0-6946.

What are your PC specifications? (CPU, GPU, Operating System, more)

Samsung Galaxy Note8 (SM-N950U)
Qualcomm Snapdragon 835
Octa-core (4x2.35 GHz Kryo & 4x1.9 GHz Kryo)
Adreno 540
Android 8.0.0
OpenGL ES 3.2 V@269.0

dolphin.log (148 KB) dolphin.log ryanebola16, 04/13/2018 04:38 PM
IOS_FS.log (4.38 KB) IOS_FS.log ryanebola16, 04/13/2018 05:48 PM


#1 Updated by leoetlino over 2 years ago

Please enable filesystem log types (and disable the other ones like Host GPU or Wiimote, as they're just noise).

#2 Updated by leoetlino over 2 years ago

Also, does this happen on PC? And when you don't restart the phone in between? It looks like the game cannot open one file and decides the save is bad and needs to be recreated.

Another thing: just to be sure, when you said "exit emulation", you meant stopping it completely, without using savestates (which happens when you put Dolphin to the background app list while emulation is running)? Savestates can mess with the emulated NAND and cause inconsistency.

#3 Updated by ryanebola16 over 2 years ago

IOS_FS warn level log attached. This does not happen on PC. I think the problem also occurs without phone restart but it's easiest to reproduce with a restart. By exit emulation, I mean stopping emulation completely. When I move Dolphin to background apps via the home button, no game is being emulated.

#4 Updated by leoetlino over 2 years ago

  • Operating system Android added
  • Operating system deleted (N/A)

So, yeah, the file doesn't exist on the host filesystem on your Android device.

Since this is a filesystem issue, the most likely culprit in that commit range is 5.0-6895.

Can you test 5.0-6884 and 5.0-6895?

#5 Updated by ryanebola16 over 2 years ago

Also, is it true that all RSBE01 Brawl save files are contained in ...\Wii\title\00010000\52534245\data ?

If so, should dolphin be complaining about .../Wii/title/00010003 not existing? Same question applies to the other warning messages too.

#6 Updated by leoetlino over 2 years ago

Brawl's title ID is 00010000-52534245, so yes, its title directory is /title/00010000/52534245 and its files are stored in the data directory (/title/00010000/52534245/data).

Yes, it is normal that Dolphin says the other paths don't exist. The game (or rather, some SDK function since this seems to happen in all official titles) asks Dolphin for information about files that don't exist.

In general, warnings are not errors and don't mean something is wrong. If something does go wrong you'll see an error log message or a panic alert.

#7 Updated by ryanebola16 over 2 years ago

Thanks for the info.

Unfortunately this problem occurred on both 5.0-6884 and 5.0-6895. My range for the beginning of this problem was a guess but I know it didn't occur too long ago. Any suggestions for a good PR to test, ignoring my initial PR range?

#8 Updated by leoetlino over 2 years ago

Oh, I was pretty sure it would be a regression from my filesystem changes :/

Unfortunately, I don't really have any good suggestions. The filesystem code hasn't changed for quite a while, and my PRs were the only recent major changes. I think you will have to bisect.

#9 Updated by ryanebola16 over 2 years ago

I'll see what I can do but a bisect will take quite some time given the nature of this issue.

#10 Updated by ryanebola16 over 2 years ago

Apparently this issue goes back to 5.0-5537 and possibly further. I suspect this issue isn't a regression anymore and has become more common with recent updates.

#11 Updated by ryanebola16 over 2 years ago

...which means possibly related to #10891 and #10892

#12 Updated by ryanebola16 about 2 years ago

I copied the save data from Android over to Win 10 after reproducing this problem. I could not reproduce the problem on Win 10. This means the problem on Android likely has nothing to do with the save data itself.

#13 Updated by ryanebola16 almost 2 years ago

It's been a while since I noticed this problem but I can't reproduce it in 5.0-8909. I think it's safe to mark fixed.

#14 Updated by JosJuice almost 2 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Fixed

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