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Request: Use versions specific folder name in packaged DEV releases

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I would like to have the current releases which use ZIP package version specific ZIP package names to also have the folder named like "Dolphin-x64_x.x-xxxx" as well, if there's no big reason behind the current naming.

If there will be a -latest version static link, make sure that one should retain the existing "Dolphin-x64" folder name and there it would make sense to use a fixed folder name, since it's meant for updating, and that's why my intended action would be, to overwrite.

I usually don't want to overwrite when I download a specific version, and it adds quite of manual renaming work, once isn't much, but this keeps happening every week three times at least, because it's natural to have a common location for noumerous builds and not spread across all the storage, so I have DolphinBins\Dirty and DolphinBins\Nightly, but they can't be all with the same folder name otherwise it would overwrite when extracting.

And ofcourse, it would conflict with the latest one if it's in the same folder.

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-latest edition idea:


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