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Netplay: Manage controller setup from Netplay menu

Added by kanepyork almost 3 years ago. Updated almost 3 years ago.

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All players must set up controller configurations, especially Wii Remotes, identically prior to starting Netplay.

Players must configure their controllers to be on the correct number in advance. If someone on Wiimote 2 wants to quit and play with someone else set up on Wiimote 2, they must first copy their configuration to a different controller slot.

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(This is a tracking issue for Netplay controller configuration.)

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Allow the local controller number-input config assignments to differ from the controller assignments used in the Netplay game. Synchronize controller setups across users, especially Wii Remote attachments.


#1 Updated by kanepyork almost 3 years ago

1: Wii Remotes rely on each user to set them the same
9:12 AM like what the fuck
9:12 AM And not in the netplay menu
9:12 AM but in the fucking Wii Remote Configuration menu
9:12 AM
JMC47: But not for GCPads?
9:12 AM
not even just "enabled"
9:12 AM but also the fucking accessories
9:13 AM GCPads no
9:13 AM BUT
9:13 AM
Well it makes sense that everyone has to configure their accessories.
9:13 AM
it does check to see if you have Native GC enabled
9:13 AM spycrab0: Sure, but you have to configure the other players Wii Remotes too
9:13 AM Okay, here's another thing
9:13 AM it's inconsistent
9:13 AM if each computer has 1 player
9:13 AM
JMC47: What? Why?
9:14 AM
it uses player 1's config with GC controllers for each player
9:14 AM Wii Remotes?
9:14 AM
Config as in key mappings n' stuff?
9:14 AM
If youre player 2, it uses player 2's configuration, player 3? Player 3's configuration
9:14 AM yes
9:14 AM I like the GC setup better
9:14 AM Because I rarely configure controllers 3 and 4

9:15 AM
but if I'm playing a Wii game
9:15 AM I have to copy my config over
9:15 AM to every Wii Remote
9:15 AM In case I'm player 1, 2, 3, or 4

9:15 AM
Get what I mean?
9:15 AM GameCube Controllers? I only need ports 2 - 4 if I have multiple people on my Dolphin instance
9:15 AM like, say my brother is over
9:15 AM
Not sure. If you don't do that what happens then?
9:15 AM

and we use two people on my Dolphin instance
9:15 AM the second player on my instance
9:16 AM Let's say I'm Wii Remote 3
9:16 AM in Mario Party 8

JMC47> And I'm playing with two other people
9:16 AM Dolphin will grab Wii Remote 3's configuration
9:16 AM when Netplay starts
9:16 AM that's my Wii Remote
9:16 AM •ector was opped (+o) by ChanServ
9:16 AM
GameCube on the otehr hand
9:16 AM I'm Port 3, but I'm the only player on my Dolphin instance
9:17 AM it grabs Port 1's configuration
9:17 AM So, I odn't have to do any extra adjustments
9:17 AM it just works
JMC47> So here's what I want to do
9:17 AM I like the GameCube behavior
9:17 AM
Yeah, it'd make sense to start at 1 and then increment.
9:17 AM
9:17 AM that's what GC does
9:17 AM based on the number of people on your instance
9:18 AM
So if you have three players with you and one somewhere else take config 1, 2, 3
9:18 AM
secondly: I'd like to actually configure Wii Remotes and their attachments
9:18 AM in the netplay menu
9:18 AM Like, which ones are connected
9:18 AM and what attachments
9:18 AM (button configuration would be taken from the normal config menu obviously)
9:19 AM thirdly - we need save synchronization please
9:19 AM
Configure attachments for everyone or just yourself?

JMC47> For everyone
9:19 AM right now
9:19 AM Host sets the controller assignments
9:19 AM let him set controller assignments + attachments
9:19 AM That way we don't desync
9:19 AM if one random person forgets to enable a fucking nunchuck
9:19 AM in the non-netplay Wii remote configuration menu which shouldn't be checked!
9:19 AM I wanna keep all synchronization stuff in the netplay menu

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