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Dolphin Android 5.0-8987 won't stop crashing on Shield TV.

Added by retroben over 2 years ago. Updated over 2 years ago.

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I even cleared up everything on it and did a fresh install but it still almost instantly crashes when attempting to open it with brief visual of the opt-in telemetry.

My Shield TV is still on OTA Upgrade 6.3 if that matters,also,I use Wi-Fi on it instead of the ethernet.

I wanted to see if Gecko codes somehow got fixed by the codehandler changes but now I can't because the thing won't even let me open it.


#1 Updated by billygoat over 2 years ago

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Can't reproduce. Can you upload a logcat of the crash?

#2 Updated by JosJuice over 2 years ago

We could really use either a bisect (like the issue report template tells you to do) or a logcat.

#3 Updated by retroben over 2 years ago

Can't figure out what app to use because I forgot which one the really good one is.

The single one that shows up directly on Play Store seems to really suck because there is no control for log verbosity like I remember there being in an old app I forgot the name and creator of.

The one I had a long time ago gave tons of information and actually showed logs from apps instead of only the system.
I blame Android version "security" changes.
Please help me pick the right logcat app to install/sideload so I can look into this.

#4 Updated by retroben over 2 years ago

Dammit! Requires root which means I would have to wipe my entire Shield TV because rooting is garbage compared to how it used to not require you to delete everything.
That would kill the point because it would very most likely no longer run into the app crashing every time due to either running fine or bricking my Shield TV.

Otherwise to do so without root,its an obnoxious amount of steps to get ADB running in order to do full logcat stuff with the large chance of that not even working because of Windows 10 or bad Shield TV bugs.

The worst part is that I COULD do localhost stuff like I did with my FireTV (used for side-loading apps without needing to use a computer once I got an Android web browser installed to grab apk files with) but I actually can't because trying that on my SATV in the past failed to work no matter what I tried.
Its really frustrating that the easier PC-less option doesn't work.

#5 Updated by JosJuice over 2 years ago

Could you try bisecting then?

#6 Updated by retroben over 2 years ago

Guess that is my only choice that is way better than having to attempt the ADB stuff.

I feel like it might be internet related even though an issue about internet was recently fixed,it could be my ad blocking setup along with strong VPN and DNS customizations tripping something up.

#7 Updated by retroben over 2 years ago

Bisected it to 5.0-8488 causing the crash and 5.0-8486 not crashing.

5.0-8488 = crash

5.0-8486 = opening/not crashing

Version 5.0-8488;

"Android: Support for AndroidTV Oreo Homescreen channels (PR #7234 from zackhow)"

Since I am not on Oreo,this is highly likely why I am getting crashes thanks to Android acting dumb or something.
(if Shield TV would just release an actually STABLE update for a change,still salty about the messed up keyboard language apps and other problems including a potentially unique one for me)

I think the change it needs is to have it be able to detect whether or not your AndroidTV (old ShieldTV Pro in my case) is on Oreo so it doesn't try to set up the Oreo homescreen stuff in an AndroidTV device that is still on Nougat.

#8 Updated by JosJuice over 2 years ago

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#9 Updated by billygoat over 2 years ago

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#10 Updated by billygoat over 2 years ago

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#11 Updated by retroben over 2 years ago

I can confirm it is fixed.

Too bad Gecko code usage still crashes and on another note,Dolphin crashes after I exit a game in a few seconds after being on the games list.

I even placed the latest codehandler.bin and totaldb.dsy in the correct folder but Gecko codes still crash in the latest updates. (this problem is for the other issue I posted a long while back,carrying on)

I also noticed an oddity the first time I opened a game (SSBM) when I started it,the audio was screaming then I exited the game and moments later checked the game speed setting and it was set to 1000% for some reason even though I saw it on 100% when configuring my settings.
I did not copy my old ini file over so its not related to that.

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