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Android:ZeldaSS crash after The Imprisoned 3rd fight.

Added by lim2222 over 1 year ago. Updated 5 months ago.

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ゼルダの伝説 スカイウォードソードaka
The legend of zelda skyward sword

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After beating the imprisoned 3rd fight,right after an old lady order Link to perform skyward strike dialogues,dolphin crash with errors invalid read from 0x3fe......,pc = 803a.....even with interpreter.

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Beated the imprisoned 3rd,right after old lady dialogues press a button
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oneplus 5 ,android 9,snapdragon 835,adreno 540 Opengl ES 3.2V@331.0

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Savestate (21.6 KB) savefile lim2222, 04/27/2019 01:38 AM
cached interpreter1.jpg (182 KB) cached interpreter1.jpg lim2222, 04/27/2019 01:39 AM
cached interpreter2.jpg (183 KB) cached interpreter2.jpg lim2222, 04/27/2019 01:39 AM
jitARM64 recompiler1.jpg (210 KB) jitARM64 recompiler1.jpg lim2222, 04/27/2019 01:39 AM
jitARM64 recompiler2.jpg (210 KB) jitARM64 recompiler2.jpg lim2222, 04/27/2019 01:39 AM
ZeldaSS Save (21.1 KB) ZeldaSS Save Save File bankaimaster999, 12/19/2019 04:20 PM


#2 Updated by JosJuice over 1 year ago

Please post the MD5 hash of the game. If you're using Android, you have to download a separate app in order to calculate the MD5 hash.

#3 Updated by lim2222 over 1 year ago

JosJuice wrote:

Please post the MD5 hash of the game. If you're using Android, you have to download a separate app in order to calculate the MD5 hash.


#4 Updated by JosJuice over 1 year ago

  • Status changed from New to Invalid

That is not a correct MD5. Please redump the game. (If you have been using a format like WBFS, please use ISO instead, otherwise the MD5 can't be verified.)

I will reopen this issue report if you redump the game and it has the correct MD5.

#5 Updated by bankaimaster999 9 months ago

I have the same issue using dolphin 5.0-11384 for android.
I have the PAL version of the game (md5 = f32bd185cb71ec9d87d2a65c9385d3d8)

Running on Xiaomi Pocophone F1, Snapdragon 845, Adreno 630, 6GB ram, OpenGL ES 3.2 V@324.0 Android 9 Miui 11.

Game Crashes the exact same place as @ lim2222 described. As soon as you press "A" to pass the old lady dialogue it crashes.
Same errors given.

Has there been any fixed to this or is it only the Android Version with this issue?

#6 Updated by JosJuice 9 months ago

  • Status changed from Invalid to New

#7 Updated by JMC4789 9 months ago

Try using a savestate near the crash and switching to the interpreter. It'll be very slow, but it'll tell us if it's an issue with the Android CPU emulation or something else.

#8 Updated by bankaimaster999 9 months ago

Still crashes with interpreter but now it says a bunch of error reads before freezing instead of forcefully closing.

Here is a video showing how the error normally occurs:!VHokxaJR!Dz3SVBVck7XkWnRFFsVuIotxZKodrGHrb4ke9OmX8So

Here is the error messages that show up when using interpreter before it freezes:!VHwmVCpL!kh8-uWHrLV4KuLGm4UmwmEP-zobAR5HcmSVJQ2kBKSo

Also tested it on the MMJ Fork just for good measure as well Dolphin 5.0-10648 (MMJ) and the game freezes while the Imprisoned is glowing (happens both with regular settings and with interpreter):!JapmhYDR!nZAZn2Od7S__YhXRWw_O65XzBxXxphQPKPJ2zYBD0KM

#9 Updated by bankaimaster999 9 months ago

I managed to get past the crash; the only work-around that I could do to retain my save data and pick up from where I left off was to copy it to my PC along with my save states just before the crash and load it in the latest PC Version of Dolphin (5.0-11396). The crash happens when the game tries to shift from the cut-scene + dialogue back to game-play. However, this time it played through the cut-scene easily and shifted back to game-play without crashing or freezing on the PC Version. After, all I did was save at a bird statue and copy the save file back to the phone, load the game like normal and then create my save states from there.

IF there are any other crashes I'll bring it up but currently without fixing this bug/ using this work-around; Skyward Sword is only 3/4 playable in my book.

#10 Updated by bankaimaster999 8 months ago

Finally got around to finish Skyward Sword on Android... So I can confirm that's the only bug that shows up while playing the game on Android Dolphin Emulator. Just that 3rd imprisoned scene crash ....otherwise if it gets fixed the game is 100% fully playable from start to end.

#11 Updated by lim2222 5 months ago

Tick the box Jit Floating Point Disable under setting>debug able to avoid crash.

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