Emulator Issues #1170

Super Mario Galaxy hangs before Credits (important for gathering the 121 stars)

Added by fsahmkow27 almost 12 years ago.

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[This issue may be related to Z:WW old hang]

[PAL version btw]

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Beat the game for the first time.
2. Get to the end of the cinematic where mario says: "Welcome New Galaxy"

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?
The expected output is that the credits appear and thus I can save so I
can unblock the event of the purple comets and be able to gather the 121

Instead the game kind off hangs everything is black and looks like game's
waiting, I can still hit home and look at the wii settings for resetting
or going to OS, so it isn't stuck.

What version of the product are you using? On what operating system?
I used Dolphin SVN 3851

Please provide any additional information below.

I think the game is waiting for an unemulated element, it's possible that
it be a new sound format.

Here's the save:

It's PAL version, btw.

My settings just in case:


DC Mode: on
idle skipping: ON
Cheats: OFF
HLE all BIOS...: ON
Enable JIT dynarec: ON
Lock Threads to Cores: ON
Optimize Quantizers: ON (done also with this option OFF)
LLE DSP on thread: ON

Video: Open GL

Auto Scale: ON.
Copy EFB to GL Texture: SET.

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#1 Updated by fsahmkow27 almost 12 years ago

oops forgot:


Resident Evil Fix: OFF

If you prefer a save state just before beating the crap out of bowser (or about to)
just ask.

#2 Updated by fsahmkow27 almost 12 years ago

Also, Quite important. I've seen others who have beaten the game with dolphin,
however they use 64 bits, while I use 32 bits.

#3 Updated by ChaosCode almost 12 years ago

can u upload ur saved game to the forums and link it here?

#4 Updated by fsahmkow27 almost 12 years ago

ok here it is:

Btw, does scrubbing ISOs make them lose information? I had to scrub the SMG ISO to
pass it from my shitbox to my good computer, so I don't know if that caused problems.

#6 Updated by basilflint over 11 years ago

Just verifying that this is still active, as of SVN 4389. A black screen of nothing
appears after the ending cinematic.

#7 Updated by NeoBrainX over 11 years ago

Just for record, IIRC I was able to circumvent this problem by turning of dual-core.

#8 Updated by basilflint over 11 years ago

Just beat the game with dual core turned off. It still hung before the credits.

#9 Updated by AmienZero over 11 years ago

i kinda agree with the sound format theory because with nullsound, the credits
actually starts and you're able to save at the end. to those who want to finish the
game and be able to save, just set sound to nullsound.

#10 Updated by NeoBrainX about 11 years ago

This is still an issue in recent revisions (5091)... Can't finish the game that way.
With the NullSound backend it works, but that isn't part of newer builds anymore, so
one has to re-import it again.

#11 Updated by sl1nk3.s about 11 years ago

issue 2241 has been merged into this issue.

#12 Updated by sl1nk3.s about 11 years ago

So as it's been said, this is caused by some bug in the ucode emulation, either try
to use DSP-LLE or disable "Enable HLE sound" in DSP-HLE plugin which will have the
same effect as using Nullsound

#13 Updated by sl1nk3.s about 11 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Accepted

#14 Updated by akskiller almost 11 years ago

I get the black screen randomly while playing some mission. I also get it when
fighting boswer boss and pirhana baby. Only with D3D.

#15 Updated by wespipes69 almost 11 years ago

Me too! Just happen to me and I had to come here to check the reports. I'm stuck on
the octopus in the 3rd galaxy. Screen just goes black during one of his animations.

#16 Updated by sskkiipp almost 11 years ago

can be merged with issue 1703 - seems to be the same problem

#17 Updated by luisr142004 almost 11 years ago

not related :) "Video: Open GL"

#18 Updated by NeoBrainX over 10 years ago

issue 1615 has been merged into this issue.

#19 Updated by skidau over 10 years ago

Try using "No audio output" in the DSP HLE plugin and see if that gets past the hang. If that works, it means there is a DSP timing issue causing this.

#20 Updated by NeoBrainX over 10 years ago

IIRC that didn't work for me last time I tried..

#21 Updated by Anonymous about 10 years ago

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#22 Updated by MayImilae almost 10 years ago

Why was this merged with HLE No to Bad output? Seems a bit silly. HLE has always had problems, but never does it stop the game, as it does in SMG. This seems much too unique to be merged with 4450.

#23 Updated by wespipes69 almost 10 years ago

HLE causes bad audio AND hangs. That's just how it is. It's a rubbish plugin with a ton of issues that all belong together, in case one day someone wants a challenge, instead of working on parts of the emulator that actually need work (aspects that don't work for anyone's hardware). Some things I guess can be fixed up to get HLE working a lot better, but it'll never be as good as LLE from what I hear. I still would rather these devs not spend a single second of their free time looking at that and investing in other parts of the emu.

The audio and DSP stability is perfect if you use the LLE with a Sandy - spend a couple hundred dollars investing into your PC to get what you want - don't waste devs time having them work on an obselete plugin. Take it upon yourself to do something. Go mow some lawns if you want correct audio in Dolphin, it's as simple as that. Otherwise, please let the devs work on things they SHOULD be working on. Until you're willing to do that, you'll have to put up with some dsp bugs...such as this. That's life. You control your destiny. :)

#24 Updated by ivanpirishanchin99 over 8 years ago

I have the same problem but AFTER the credits
Settings: Dual Core ON;Idle Skipping ON;framelimit OFF;Limit by FPS ON;JIT Recompiler ON;Dicect3D9(DirectX);Scaled EFB Copy ON;Anisotroping Filtering 1x;Internal Resolution 1xNative;Ignore Format Changes ON;EFB Copy to Texture;Safe Texture Cache;Disable XFB ON; Disable Per-Pixel Depth ON;Disable Fog ON;OpenMP Texture Decoder ON;Enable Progressive Scan ON;Dsp LLE Recompiler ON;XAudio2;48000Hz;Skip BIOS ON;EuRGB60 Mode (PAL60)ON;
rev:Dolphin3.0-766-dirty x64
OS:Windows 7 x64
please help me :(

#25 Updated by afcante1.sdm about 8 years ago

It's clearly a HLE issue

Same hang problem with 7 x64 in HLE, but changed to LLE and 1x in previous checksave and the game didn't hang

The "No audio ouput" option in HLE didn't work, BTW

#26 Updated by JMC4789 about 7 years ago

  • Status changed from Duplicate to Fixed

Now works in HLE.

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