Emulator Issues #11783

Missing sound effects in Starfox Adventures

Added by Shadorino over 2 years ago. Updated 4 months ago.

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[Starfox Adventures]

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What's the problem? Describe what went wrong.
[There's a slight audio inaccuracy in Starfox Adventures.
After Fox says "Wake up! Wake up!", the sound effect of him taking out his staff is missing, as well as the explosion sound effect right after that.]

What steps will reproduce the problem?
[Simply launch the game and use the save file attached to this bug report.
Use the first save on the list, called "FOX" at 99 %. The cutscene will start, and the missing sound effects are supposed to be heard after Fox says "Wake up! Wake up!", between the 42nd and the 50th second into the cutscene.]

Is the issue present in the latest development version? For future reference, please also write down the version number of the latest development version.
[Yes - 5.0-10585]

Is the issue present in the latest stable version?
[Yes - 5.0]

What are your PC specifications?
[OS = Windows 10 Pro 1809 x64
CPU = i7-7700K @ 4.8 GHz
GPU = GTX 1080 Ti FTW3 HYBRID @ 2000 MHz
RAM = G.Skill Trident Z RGB 16 GB DDR4 3000 MHz C14]

Is there anything else that can help developers narrow down the issue?
[The save file is attached to this bug report.

Here are the links to the video samples of the sequence in question:

Starfox Adventures - Dolphin:!IA5VQQLL!J7lmwffxy0ARbGr3QygaXdFn3rr8SzdA4e8M906rCt4

Starfox Adventures - Real GameCube:!FM5gDYpQ!xp4NYHaU-AOre8H5Yl9emaArqvsRlspRDUmnOL4gRok]

Starfox Adventures save (PAL).gci (24.1 KB) Starfox Adventures save (PAL).gci Shadorino, 06/29/2019 11:12 AM


#2 Updated by JMC4789 over 2 years ago

Does this happen on both HLE and LLE audio? Does it only happen if that's the first cutscene to play?

#3 Updated by Shadorino over 2 years ago

Sorry I forgot to mention that I tried HLE and LLE, as well as every video and audio backend.

This cutscene is the very first thing that plays when the save is launched, so I can't answer that.

#4 Updated by pokechu22 about 2 years ago

Can you try this build (for PR 8349)?

#5 Updated by Shadorino about 2 years ago

Nope, sadly it didn't change anything.

#6 Updated by Shadorino 4 months ago

Hi, bumping this, if anyone has been able to replicate the issue.

#7 Updated by flacs 4 months ago

There are four DSP voices: wind, rain, cracking thunder, and rolling thunder. All the rest is in DTK audio (dialog, music, sound effects). Not sure where the sword sound is supposed to come from. Could be some surround mixing problem given how it sounds in the video.

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