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JIT Cache clearing issue

Added by Autoran1 over 14 years ago.

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Some games really needs Unlimited JIT Cache to be playable
here's the list of these games
Super Smash Bros Brawl
Zelda Twilight Princess
Metroid Prime 2
Metroid Prime 3
all these games suffer cause of random crashes while Cleared Code Cache
mesage appeares

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Updated by XTra.KrazzY over 14 years ago

Issue 658 has been merged into this issue.

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Updated by XTra.KrazzY over 14 years ago

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Also, the Wind Waker

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Updated by Autoran1 over 14 years ago

This is Odd but i've played Wind waker on older revs for 4-5 hours without any
crash, pretty tough for just luck new revs have some strange bug of random black
screen during playing, still to lazy to find which rev causes the trouble

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Updated by fsahmkow27 over 14 years ago

try playing around rev 2000.

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Updated by cacofff over 14 years ago

I've been messing with the Debugger lately and found a common factor in most crashes
in Brawl.

-1- there is some sort of corruption in the Jit at some part of the game.
-2- trying to advance after that corruption happened Jit or Interpreter will crash.

So trying to debug this at the moment of the crash is useless.

This is a simple one, SSBB, main menu, choose group.
When pressing the "Brawl" button, -1- happens, then when you press back -2- happens.
Now, before choosing "Brawl", pause and switch to Interpreter, once you are in the
character selection menu, switch again to Jit (or leave it on Interpreter), press
"Back", it won't crash.

In SSE, entering the door to the Giant Diddy Kong fight triggers -1-, after choosing
characters, it crashes.
Same here, switching to interpreter as the character crosses the door makes the game
continue without problems.

This is for those situations where a crash will happen all the time, I bet that with
normal crashes that can be avoided enabled Unlimited Jit cache it is the same.

Fixing the 100% sure crashes will fix these as well, and most of the crashes in many,
many games.

Now, I don't have the slightest idea on how to debug this any further, is it even
possible to compare memory/instructions from Jit and Interpreter after loading a save
state and advancing a X(fixed) amount of frames?
I was planning on loading at the menu, pressing A to choose and let it move on like
30 or 60 frames and then compare memory with both cores.
Is it possible to make the emulator advance frame by frame on both cores? Or to
program it to advance a x amount of frames and then pause?

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Updated by BhaaL over 14 years ago

That corruption is most likely caused by the same issue as issue 917. That one is
specific to Wind Waker, yet it seems to also appear on RE and other games, so I'd say
fixing 917 would fix a bunch of other things too.
Too bad its a pain to debug that one, didn't get anywhere after a few hours poking
around that memory location ector posted.

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Updated by cacofff over 14 years ago

Say, running two copies of Dolphin, one in Jit, the other in Interpreter.
Both in TAS mode and making memory comparisons every frame.
Would that be useful?

Is frame-by-frame advancing implemented in Dolphin? I haven't been tracking Xtra's
recent commits lately...

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Updated by marcus over 14 years ago

Issue 1252 has been merged into this issue.

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Updated by cacofff over 14 years ago

The code doesn't seem to get corrupted, this is beyond me.

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Updated by LinesPrower over 14 years ago

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This issue was closed by revision r4357.

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Updated by jpeterson57 about 14 years ago

Did all games affected by this error use .rel (relocatable module) files?


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