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Invisible flowers and floors in Super Mario Galaxy

Added by bpkuhn 6 months ago. Updated 3 months ago.

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Super Mario Galaxy

Game ID? (right click the game in the game list, Properties, Info tab)

RMGE01 (00010000524d4745)

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What's the problem? Describe what went wrong.

Among other things, the flower platforms in Honeyhive and Golden Leaf Galaxies and the floors of the Observatory around the Kitchen Dome appear to be invisible unless there is something directly behind or beneath them. This is particularly a problem for the star "Cataquack to the Skies" in the Golden Leaf Galaxy, since the final part of it involves flying between these flower platforms, which is nearly impossible to do if I can't see them unless Mario is already standing on one of them.

What steps will reproduce the problem?

Just play the game. (It doesn't seem to make a difference if "Scaled EFB Copy" or "Store EFB Copies to Texture Only" are checked or unchecked.

Is the issue present in the latest development version? For future reference, please also write down the version number of the latest development version.

Yes: 5.0-11371

Is the issue present in the latest stable version?

I haven't yet tried playing the game on a stable version.

If the issue isn't present in the latest stable version, which is the first broken version? (You can find the first broken version by bisecting. Windows users can use the tool and anyone who is building Dolphin on their own can use git bisect.)

[First broken version number here (if applicable)]

If your issue is a graphical issue, please attach screenshots and record a three frame fifolog of the issue if possible. Screenshots showing what it is supposed to look like from either console or older builds of Dolphin will help too. For more information on how to use the fifoplayer, please check here:

[Attach any fifologs if possible, write a description of fifologs and screenshots here to assist people unfamiliar with the game.]

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MacOS Catalina (10.15.1)

Is there anything else that can help developers narrow down the issue? (e.g. logs, screenshots,
configuration files, savefiles, savestates)

I have attached some screenshots of the issue(s).


#2 Updated by leo60228 3 months ago

I've been doing a 100% playthrough of the game and have currently collected every star in the first 3 domes. I haven't encountered this. My system:
* Ryzen 5 3600
* RX 5700, Vulkan
* NixOS unstable (20.03)
* Self-compiled
* 4K, 4x MSAA and anisotropic filtering
* Bighead's HD texture pack
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