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Zelda TP hangs when exiting exclusive fullscreen with Vulkan

Added by FireNX70 over 1 year ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess

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What's the problem? Describe what went wrong.

Dolphin hangs if you try to alt-tab or alt-enter out of exclusive fullscreen or when pressing esc to stop emulation (which also exits fullscreen).
Also, if DSP emulation is set to HLE, the per-game config does force it to LLE but then it hangs when entering fullscreen instead of on exit.
Furthermore, OpenGL and D3D12 seem to work fine while D3D11 completely crashes the emulator on fullscreen exit.

What steps will reproduce the problem?

Launch the game, enter fullscreen and press the escape key, alt-tab or alt-enter to exit exclusive fullscreen.

Is the issue present in the latest development version? For future reference, please also write down the version number of the latest development version.

Yes, 5.0-11374.

Is the issue present in the latest stable version?

No, 5.0 is currently the latest stable version.

If the issue isn't present in the latest stable version, which is the first broken version? (You can find the first broken version by bisecting. Windows users can use the tool and anyone who is building Dolphin on their own can use git bisect.)

5.0-11294 is the last working version.
5.0-11297 is the first broken version and I'm seeing no versions inbetween those two.

If your issue is a graphical issue, please attach screenshots and record a three frame fifolog of the issue if possible. Screenshots showing what it is supposed to look like from either console or older builds of Dolphin will help too. For more information on how to use the fifoplayer, please check here:

Would a fifolog help with this? I don't even think it would properly save but I can try if needed.

What are your PC specifications? (CPU, GPU, Operating System, more)

AMD R7 3700X
Nvidia GTX 1080 Ti
Windows 10 (64bit)
441.66 Nvidia drivers

Is there anything else that can help developers narrow down the issue? (e.g. logs, screenshots,
configuration files, savefiles, savestates)

V-Sync on, Async(Ubershaders), Compile shaders before starting on, exclusive fullscreen(i.e. borderless off), DSP LLE.


#1 Updated by FireNX70 over 1 year ago

To add on to this, OpenGL does behave strangely. If you try to stop the emulation by pressing escape, you enter an infinite loop where Dolphin complains about having failed to initialize the backend and immediately restarts emulation. The only way to stop this is to use the mouse instead of the keyboard, either to press the window's close button to begin with or to press the error window's ok button and then stop the emulation with the mouse.

#2 Updated by FireNX70 over 1 year ago

Actually, OpenGL's also behaving like that even on builds older than 5.0-11297 so I guess that should be a separate issue.

#3 Updated by FireNX70 about 1 year ago

Fixed by 5.0-11836.

#4 Updated by JosJuice about 1 year ago

  • Fixed in set to 5.0-11836
  • Status changed from New to Fixed

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