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Wii Sports resort Black Screen

Added by LuismaSP 6 months ago. Updated 6 months ago.

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Wii Sports Resort (PAL)

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Black screen in some games, specially when is played with two players (Some games works with one player) to reproduce this issue, select for example the archery game with two players. And then none happens, only black screen.

Note: Tested using bluetooth passtrough with wii's real bluetooth chip.

What steps will reproduce the problem?

Select archery game with two players. (Using bluetooth passthrought in my case) and then, blackscreen. This happens in other mini-games of this title, but in order to test, the archery game is the most high-rate failure.

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[Version number here]


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i7 4790k
GTX 970
Windows 10 x64


#1 Updated by JosJuice 6 months ago

Does the Verify tab of the game properties show any problems?

#2 Updated by LuismaSP 6 months ago

Yes, two with severity "low"

-The format that the disk image is saved in does not store the size of the disk image.

-Errors were found in 108342 unused blocks in the DATA partition.

Problems with low severity were found. They will most likely not prevent the game from running.

#3 Updated by LuismaSP 6 months ago

Btw I played this game a lot of times, so I think there's no problem with the image disk dump, and some games, for example archery, works fine in the 1 player mode. But in two player mode only blackscreen.

Can anyone else confirm this?

#4 Updated by JosJuice 6 months ago

If those are the only problems that it reports, then I don't think it's the disc image.

Do you mean that you have played the game in previous versions of Dolphin without any problems? If so, please bisect the issue (as described in the issue report template).

#5 Updated by LuismaSP 6 months ago

Yes, and worked fine. But the last time I played this game was a year ago more or less. I'll try to bisect in this week if I got enough time.

#6 Updated by LuismaSP 6 months ago

After MANY tests, I think I found the problem, more or less...

The problem is related with the mii info stored at "/user/wii/shared2/menu/facelib/RFL_DB.dat it seems that dolphin cant read this info because the mac changes sometimes.

More info can seen here:


#7 Updated by LuismaSP 6 months ago

Ok... can't close this issue in the mobile version... I'll close tomorrow from my desktop PC if anyone else don't close it first.

#8 Updated by LuismaSP 6 months ago

Can't close in desktop too. So please, anyone with the needed rights can be close this. Thanks.

#9 Updated by LuismaSP 6 months ago

Forget about it, the issue persist. I Tried to re-assign my miis (And worked in all related games) but blackscreen again.

Tried to delete RFL_DB.dat and create a new one (By opening mii's channel and create new miis) the same result. This game just blackscreens when he try to read the RFL_DB.dat when two players are selected.

One more time, steps to reproduce the issue:

Have a /user/wii/shared2/menu/facelib/RFL_DB.dat file (This is created when you create miis via Mii channel)

Try to start a 2 player game in archery game. - Blackscreen-

Tested with the latest builds and builds from more than 6 months ago. Sorry but I can't see a working build from this point.

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