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Another Code: R - A Journey into Lost Memories has a sequence in the ending a wiimote rotation (360º) is requested but i can only set 180º in emulated wiimote

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Another Code: R - A Journey into Lost Memories

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RNOP01 (00010000524e4f50)

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Near the ending there is a 'wiimote unlocking sequence' where you can't use the emulated wiimote tilt to rotate completely the emulated wiimote around the IR sensor/pointer. The game requests this, but the config for the input simulation tilt only allows 180º of tilt.

What steps will reproduce the problem?

Load the save, go 'up' to see the door, open the bag icon, select the wiimote icon in the inventory, select 'use', use it on the lock to the side of the door, press 'A'; and mess around with the emulated wiimote config to see that tilt does not allow the probably ideal 360º 'tilt' and 180º is not enough for this game.

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Yes, f8234669d173733c6c1c69aa3c42bdee8cc78982

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private.7z (1.93 MB) private.7z i30817, 09/30/2020 10:47 PM


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I forgot to tell, i'm using a keyboard, so i don't have a analog key/stick to use for tilt.

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