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D3D11 halfs framerate in windowed mode

Added by Miksel12 4 months ago. Updated 19 days ago.

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Any game

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The first thing I noticed a while ago is that in windowed mode, the max fps is limited by the refresh rate of my monitor (144Hz). I don't remember seeing this behaviour before but when I tested 5.0, I got the same result so I guess this could be a change in Windows. This causes the framerate to limited at half the refresh rate (72Hz) when a game shows duplicate frames and Dolphin is configured to show them.
But D3D11 seems to half that in windowed mode. The full framerate I get is 36fps in windowed mode. That means that when a game has duplicate frames and Dolphin shows duplicate frames and runs in windowed mode, the max fps I get on my 144Hz screen is 18fps.
BTW: All games run at 300+fps when in fullscreen.

What steps will reproduce the problem?

Running D3D11 in windowed mode, enable present duplicate frames for extra slowdown(only if a game actually shows duplicate frames).

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I first got 5.0-11524 as bisect(the adition of present duplicate frames) but later found out this isn't the reason why D3D11 runs at half speed compared to the rest.
I don't have the time right now to further bisect but 5.0-8828 had the issue.

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r5 3600, GTX 1060, W10

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#1 Updated by Miksel12 4 months ago

Actually it is only a quarter of the speed compared to the other backends.

#2 Updated by JMC4789 4 months ago

Probably a DWM vsync issue.

#3 Updated by Miksel12 4 months ago

If it was a DWM issue, I'd expect D3D12 to also have the issue.

#4 Updated by ZephyrSurfer 19 days ago

What may be relevant is driver version.

With Nvidia driver 461.09 and later it can use MPO so finally a windowed application can skip the desktop compositor.

Can you try your current version when windowed mode Dolphin is the active window and again when it's not the active window.

And try with the later Nvidia >= 461.09 with the the same steps above. (Try Nvidia V-sync controls forcing off if behaviour doesn't change)

#5 Updated by Miksel12 19 days ago

I'm already on 465 and it seems to be fixed. So yeah, this was definitely a driver issue and can be closed.

#6 Updated by Miksel12 19 days ago

Which is weird btw because it didn't happen on some very old build but oh well.

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