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Happy Feet 2 needs Safe Texture Cache for subtitles

Added by JMC4789 3 months ago. Updated 3 months ago.

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Happy Feet 2: The Revenge

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I'm too lazy to run the check iso thing with a game on my NAS it takes like 30 seconds.

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From the first moment I booted the game, I knew this one would be different. Due to the lack of subtitles, I wasn't able to get the whole story, but there's obvious abuse going on with penguins seemingly berating a young penguin. This young penguin becomes so angry, that he begins to move his feet in a dance. Little do the others know, he has a plan. He stomps so hard he cracks the ice, sending the penguins to their untimely deaths.

30 years later, fate seemed to be repeating itself. An emperor penguin with a dark past lords over the Penguin hordes. Dancing forbidden for all. But one group of penguins isn't going to have it. So they band together, dancing and jumping their way across a glacier. Their dances inspire the others to join their cause, eventually collecting enough penguins to move onto the next stage.

Anyway, at that point in the story I turned on safe texture cache and there was some stuff about finding a lost penguin. I'm sure it ties into the story later on though. Medium Texture Cache is not enough to completely fix the issue. 2048 was enough for the area I checked, but this game is really bad about it so we might want to do 0 anyway just to be sure.

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Just boot the game without safe texture cache on and with the audio off to see the story I saw and see the tragedy unfold.

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I was using 5.0-13595 and didn't feel like running the auto updater for a texture cache issue

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Due to content guidelines of this site and the graphic nature of "Happy Feet 2" I am not comfortable uploading screenshots of the game.

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I can't sleep, send help


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Now that's a bug report description, somehow made me interested in a game about penguins. I might play through the game myself and see whether 2048 is fully satisfactory, I do need to redo that old PR of mine.

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