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Unable to repair NAND due to box size

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Any type of Wii Channel

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I am trying to repair the NAND as sometimes you would need to do, but, i have to much channels that I cannot clikc the repair button, i thought i could shorten it but it cannot be shorten, i feel like its only something to do with the box tho, all i really ask is for it to be fixed in the next dev update
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re-fixing the text box it self so it can be adjusted
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Unknown, 5.0
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Windows 10, 16 GB RAM, Geforce RTX 2060

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I can get a video of it if needed


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On Windows, you can drag a window that's too large by pressing Alt+Space and choosing Move.

Still ridiculous that this is an issue in the first place though. I guess neither JMC47 nor I ever had the Wii NAND broken to the point that the window doesn't even fit on screen anymore :)

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