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Mario Super Sluggers - Textures Dump Incorrectly

Added by Lilbud 19 days ago. Updated 19 days ago.

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Mario Super Sluggers

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Upon trying to dump the textures, the resulting dumps look strange. For every one "correct" texture, there seems to be 3 or 4 sheets that dump with garbled artifacts. It mainly seems to be limited to UI elements, fonts, etc. Character textures appear to dump fine however.

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Go into graphics settings, under Advanced, check "Dump Textures". Then start game.

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Yes, Dolphin 5.0-15470

Is the issue present in the latest stable version?

Yes, Dolphin 5.0

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[First broken version number here (if applicable)]

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[Attach any fifologs if possible, write a description of fifologs and screenshots here to assist people unfamiliar with the game.]

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Intel I5-7600K, GTX 1050, Windows 10 Home

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The game still plays perfectly fine, its just that trying to dump the textures results in screwed up ones.

Heres a screenshot showing some of the screwed up textures in the dump folder. Note the multiple textures with Lakitu on them, but on each only certain parts are colored correctly. Or the 4 separate textures for the menu elements in different shades (but they're only white in game, I'm not sure where the yellow menu elements show up, if at all)


#1 Updated by pokechu22 19 days ago

The "_8" at the end indicates the texture format; 8 is C4 which is one of the indexed color formats (i.e. it uses a color palette along with 4-bit color data). I'm guessing Mario Super Sluggers uses the same base color data but then changes the color palette for different situations. It seems like the palette probably isn't included in the dumped result, but you probably can just use any texture you want with custom textures (without even worrying about the palette), so as long as you choose the correct texture to replace it should be fine.

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