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Bounding Box Slowdown on MoltenVK (macOS)

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Super Paper Mario (rev2)

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Bounding Box slowdown...

Chapter 3-4 (Fort Francis)

  • to 10%~ when you entered passcode-protected elevators.

Chapter 7-2 (Underwhere Road)

  • to 50%~ only when you met Dorguy the First. No slowdowns on meeting second or third Dorguy.
  • to 10%~ when Bowser uses his fiery breath to ignite the torches to temporarily light up in (two) rooms.

Chapter 7-4 (Grambi's Temple)

  • to 65%~ when you use Luigi's special move (super jump) anywhere in the area where there are an epic fight between two armies in front of the temple.

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Gist explained above.

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Not applicable.

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[First broken version number here (if applicable)]

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MacBook Air (M1, 2020)

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Not applicable.

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Amending the description by request.

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Can confirm with a few users on the discord that it is ridiculously slow to the point of being unplayable in some areas.

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Updated by TellowKrinkle over 1 year ago

For M1 users, this has been fixed (or as fixed as it'll ever be, translation layers will always have some trouble with the kind of CPU-GPU synchronization bbox requires) by the updated MoltenVK. Please rerun with a new dev build and verify this.

For Intel users, there's a second issue, which I've reported to MoltenVK. For the elevator scene on my Radeon Pro 5600M, frame rates have gone from 2.4fps to 9fps, but should be able to reach 16fps with that issue fixed, putting it ahead of DX11 and DX12 (but behind Windows Vulkan, Windows OGL, and Metal).

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