Emulator Issues #131

freezes in Sonic Adventure 2 battle in beginng of Hero Story

Added by omegadox almost 12 years ago.

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What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. load game
2. goto main menu
3. start a new game in Hero Story
4. game is playable for a while then freezes

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?
the game should keep going but instead it freeze

What version of the product are you using? On what operating system?
DolphinWx R188, OpenGL 0.1, DSP_HLE, KB/XBOX360pad, Windows Vista Ultimate
x64, 2GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 8600M GS 256MB, Intel Core 2 Dou (SSE2, SSE3,
supported (don't know about SSSE3))

Please provide any additional information below.
does this with or without dual core support. Though the music is still
playing after freeze.


#1 Updated by Sonicadvance1 almost 12 years ago

Is this still a problem or does it work now?

#2 Updated by omegadox almost 12 years ago

I found out it doesn't in the x86 version, only freezes in x64 version of Dolphin.

#3 Updated by knuckles500 almost 12 years ago

I am confirming this as well. It seems to work well up until a specific point, then
just freezes and the music keeps playing normally. Here's a screen dump of where it
froze. Using x64 version of Dolphin REV 242.

#4 Updated by omegadox almost 12 years ago

yup, I get the same thing.

#5 Updated by knuckles500 almost 12 years ago

Just wanted to comment on this and say that I think it's fixed. I just played the
game at the current revision and I can get past this part with both OpenGL and

DirectX allows the game to run much more smoother though after the skateboarding
part, but it's slow yet accurate using OpenGL. There are lots of tiny graphical
glitches that now exist in the DirectX plugin, I think anyway.

#6 Updated by omegadox almost 12 years ago

Yeah, this problem seems to be fixed now, as I could get further in the first level
running in the x64 version.

#7 Updated by knuckles500 almost 12 years ago

I just tried this in both OpenGL and DirectX with all kinds of settings in the
latest revision, this bug is fixed.

You can probably close this now...

#8 Updated by Sonicadvance1 almost 12 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Fixed

Right, Closing

#9 Updated by kmmng1 almost 11 years ago

This problem is back in the latest revisions !
I'm using the latest revision and have exactly this problem. Dolphin freezes in the
beginning of the first level and the music is still playing. I tried all the
possible settings with no success. But i'm using x86 version and not x64.

If I use older revisions there is no freezes !!!

#10 Updated by knuckles500 almost 11 years ago

I'm getting the same stuff too in x64.


#11 Updated by bloodgazms almost 9 years ago

Having a similar issue in revision r7719 x64 with both Direct3D 9 and Direct3D 11, freezing and crashing in 2nd hero level (Knuckles' Wild Canyon), sometimes with error message and sometimes not. Usually happens after playing for a bit but sometimes right at level start.

#12 Updated by Kkman8 over 7 years ago

I've Had this problem but WORSE. When I skip the intro, i select my save file then the game freezes before the cutscene for the level starts!

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