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Kirby Air Ride texture behavior does not match original hardware

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Kirby Air Ride

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There are certain textures in Kirby Air Ride that will change depending on how the camera is positioned. This seems to not work on Dolphin and nothing on the wiki page talks about needing any specific settings enabled to run properly.

I captured footage of the game running on my GameCube vs running on Dolphin to show the visual effect I am talking about in a few different areas. Look at the walls and floor near Kirby and see how they change when the camera rotates on original hardware. On Dolphin the textures will stay the same.

Video showing the effect on GC vs Dolphin:

What steps will reproduce the problem?

Go to one of the locations that uses this effect and rotate the camera. On original hardware the textures will change appearance and on Dolphin they will stay the same. The locations I used in the video are from city trial, on top of the green building, underground forest, and underground volcano.

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yes, latest is 5.0-18008

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Windows 10 x64
Intel i5 8600k
Nvidia GTX 1070

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yes, video is linked above comparing original hardware behavior to Dolphin.


kirby fifo logs.7z (984 KB) kirby fifo logs.7z Landfill7377, 12/05/2022 12:18 AM
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Can you record 3 fifologs of the ice scene at, one looking towards the ice, one looking towards the wall, and one looking away from the ice, and then attach them to this report? (Use 7-zip if they're too big to attach directly.)

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FIFO logs

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Thanks. I can confirm that those render differently on real hardware compared to dolphin. As far as I can tell, the game isn't trying to do anything special here, though. They render one section that's all ice, and then touching it is one section that's all ground. Then, later on in the frame, they render a partially transparent object over the ice section using the ground texture, where alpha (transparency) is set to 0 for vertices on the ice side and 1 for vertices on the ground side, which produces the fade between the two textures. (They could have used a single object that fades between the two textures separately, but I guess they already had everything set up for transparent objects and both methods work.)

However, there's something weird about how vertex colors get interpolated for triangles that go off screen. I'm not exactly sure how it works, but it seems like the colors get changed if the triangle is behind the camera (and perhaps also off the screen to the side). I was linked to an example of this happening on a homebrew game a long time ago, but I can't find that anymore; it was somewhat similar to the example on the roof though where you can see one of the the triangles changing colors. I also feel like I've seen something similar in Super Mario 64, though I'm not sure if that's related or not.

It would be neat to handle this case correctly since the effect actually looks quite nice in the tunnels (and it would be nice for accuracy in general). However, it probably won't be a high priority.


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