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Light gun devices that are exposed as mice

Added by Prof_gLX 27 days ago. Updated 27 days ago.

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Ghost Squad (example, all games that are more than 1 player)

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Dolphin uses the windows mouse pointer, so multiple lightgun devices (or multiple mice devices), which are exposed as mice in Windows, every device controls all wiimotes when playing multiplayer game.
Other emulators have solved this problem by allowing users to use RAW input API, which can send inputs per VID/PID HID device instead of dinput, which lumps all HID devices in the same input.

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Trying to play any multiplayer game with multiple mice devices.

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[Version number here]

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All versions

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[First broken version number here (if applicable)]

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i5-12600k, RTX 3070ti, Windows 10, 32 gb ram ddr4

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Attached is a screenshot of Flycast emulator to show how each device is separate. Thank you very much for your time!


flycast raw input.png (114 KB) flycast raw input.png Prof_gLX, 03/02/2023 07:49 PM
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Updated by pokechu22 27 days ago

Does help? (I'm guessing not since it targets evdev which I think is Linux-specific, but it is about light guns as well)

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Updated by Prof_gLX 27 days ago

It's a different problem/solution, by using absolute mouse to point exactly where the gun is pointing. It would be a good "nice-to-have" but we've worked aroung it by using different input profiles with maths applied to the mouse inputs.

This is really a case of "every mouse device acts as a single device" instead of as separate. Same with multiple keyboards. I don't think dinput allows separation of mouse and keyboard per VID/PID, raw would allow it, which would allow 4 emulated wiimotes pointing at different places in the game, each with their own left click, right click, middle click, etc.


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