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Fire Emblem Path of Radiance

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when the game boot their will be a notice of found '4466' custom texture , but the textures won't load , it will only load ticking the "prefetch custom textures" box

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running the game with the custom textures on

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don't know , been using the beta version
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cpu: ryzen 7 7800x
Gpu: rx 6800xt
os: nobara linux 37

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only when using the prefetch custom texture option a "load '4466' custo textures" notice appear otherwise it will just say that it found it


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Updated by iwubcode 7 months ago

You can't go by the text. That is just there to show that the texture pack is properly setup.

If you have 'prefetch' turned on, Dolphin will queue up 4466 textures into a load queue and then go through 1 by 1 and load them. If 'prefetch' is off, Dolphin will load each texture on demand.

Textures are now loaded asynchronously, so depending on your machine it might take a bit to show them. Also, textures are only cached with 'prefetch' turned on, this means if 'prefetch' is off Dolphin will free up memory when the game isn't using a texture.

If you still think this is an issue, please attach a fifolog and one or two of your custom textures for that particular scene so I can test.

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Updated by CarlosVR2 7 months ago

Hello, first post here.

I had the exact same issue the OP is mentioning when I updated to Dolphin 5.0-19870 using the Discover app on my Steam Deck. The custom textures were not being loaded unless the prefetch option is selected, and even then they were not working correctly. This happened to me with texture packs for multiple games and also with dynamic input textures.

I rolled back to Dophin 5.0-19368 and everything is working properly again.

Hope this helps.

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Updated by iwubcode 7 months ago

Thank you both for the details. Unfortunately, without a way to reproduce (like a fifolog), there's not much I can do if I don't own the title in question.

If you aren't able to provide a fifolog, maybe you can list which texture packs have issues and it's possible another developer or I would have one of the titles and could attempt to reproduce the issue. If you do this, please be specific about what textures aren't loading and with what settings you were testing with.

Thank you for your time and apologies for the issue you are facing.


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