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OpenGL plugin issue with ATI

Added by helles1 over 11 years ago.

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In forum they say it's a driver problem.
Fact is that it seems like the openGL plugin doesn't work at ati cards as
on nvidia ones.

example: "With OpenGL plugin the emulator crasher after the intro movie"
(Super Mario Sunshine)


#1 Updated by gm028 over 11 years ago

You mean the screen turn dark afterward or it doesn't load up the game? My ATI card
with newest official driver is running fine without causing any crashes, but it just
darken out the screen.

#2 Updated by helles1 over 11 years ago

the screen turns dark, following the report of board member.

#3 Updated by gm028 over 11 years ago

I'm really not sure when it going to be fix, but hope the emu. editor can trigger
this soon, cuz DX9 can't render the game very well.

#4 Updated by fires.gc over 11 years ago

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Well, no developer has an ati gfx card or/and the problem. We know there is a problem
but prolly nobody will fix it because we cant reproduce it at our local machines.

#5 Updated by mudlord88 over 11 years ago

Well, there is a area of contention with NV_TEXTURE_RECTANGLE.

It would be wise to switch to GL_TEXTURE_RECTANGLE_ARB.

#6 Updated by Kronox.i over 11 years ago

i think it's more like a "specific caching texture issue" 'cause games like Zelda WW
that use a different texture type looks okay, but slow. However games like Soul
Calibur II use compressed textures (according to GC-Tool at least...) By how it
looks one would say that only the enviroment variable is loaded, but not the actual

#7 Updated by mudlord88 over 11 years ago

Sounds very reasonable.

ATI cards, from my experience, have issues with certain texture formats. So, if they
don't support it natively, they software emulate.

Quite nasty really...

#8 Updated by Sonicadvance1 over 11 years ago

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#9 Updated by tommyhl2.SS over 11 years ago

Can't fix the problem because none of the Devs use an ATI card. Feel free to contact
me if you like, I can help out with my ATI card getting this fixed. We can't let a
simple thing like you not having an ATI card stop you from fixing the issue. :)

#10 Updated by sotaio over 11 years ago

For starters it'd be wise to only use ARB-extensions. Removing the dependencies from
NV-extensions should at least do something for the ati cards. As said earlier, there
is ARB-implementations of the NV-extensions used.

#11 Updated by nakeee over 11 years ago

I removed all NV specific extensions I could find
please try now

#12 Updated by tommyhl2.SS over 11 years ago

No improvement here: WinXP 32-bit, ATI HD2400,R779

#13 Updated by slink_3_ over 11 years ago

I already tried that sometimes ago, but it didn't seem to change anything (tried on
3850 and G80GTS)

I'm not really an OpenGL user/coder, but i read somewhere that there's some problems
with NPoT textures, that - I think - the plugin uses.
I could be completly wrong anyway. :)

#14 Updated by federelli over 11 years ago

No improvement here either, r779, on an Ati HD3870

#15 Updated by Wagnard28 over 11 years ago

The latest change to help ATI in opengl gave me a huge speed up in some game/area.
Example, the menu pof naruto GNT4 speed is ok now.

#16 Updated by prismsub7 over 11 years ago

Fixed in:

Huge thanks from my x1600 :)

#17 Updated by federelli over 11 years ago

Although fixed, XFB just closes the emu on startup of any game, r984

#18 Updated by Anonymous over 11 years ago

fixed, new issue for recent XFB crashes: issue 257

#19 Updated by Anonymous over 11 years ago

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grrrr apparently ATI is still not up to par with the OGL plugin.

"PrismSub7: actually some games (ssbm,zelda) still suffer from texture glitches on
ati (still much better compared to older versions), mostly flickering"

it seems to be z-fighting. I think sonic fixed z-fighting before in the OGL plugin,
maybe it was a nv-specific fix?

#20 Updated by carlitro350pajaritos over 11 years ago

thanks for the fix

Ati igp hd 3200 (onboard):
dual core: true
idle skipping: false
dolphin x64

-svn 965 17 fp and the characters are pixelated (game sssbm)
-svn 992 40 fps now

however, the floor is still black

#21 Updated by tommyhl2.SS over 11 years ago

Looks great, excellent fix.

#22 Updated by ChaosCode over 11 years ago

This issue is resolved and ticket can be closed.

#24 Updated by Anonymous over 8 years ago

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Ignore this...Status:Verified was removed, changing to Fixed

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