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Make the ISO compressor handle Wii ISOs

Added by 4luC4rD.h3lls1nG over 12 years ago.

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Since there are many gcm shrinker wich corrupt the isos, it would be great
if you could include one we can trust in your emu, in order to save space
in our hdds. This method of compression is better than compressed isos, I
think, cause the isos don't need to be decompressed when they're read. Or
maybe you can just recommend us one we can use safely, if there is one.


#1 Updated by hrydgard over 12 years ago

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There are plans for this yes, thanks for creating an issue.

#2 Updated by 4luC4rD.h3lls1nG over 12 years ago

Please don't thank me, you're the ones that should be thanked. So thank you for
considering my requests, and for developing Dolphin so fast.

#3 Updated by tommyhl2.SS over 12 years ago

Don't forget a Wii ISO shrinker.

#4 Updated by MasterPhW over 12 years ago

Wii ISO shrinker isn't possible atm, because the generic Wii decryption isn't hacked
(thanks god!) it's only possible to scrubb it, that means the image will be as big
as before, but compressed better, because some parts are replaced with Zeros.

#5 Updated by XTra.KrazzY over 12 years ago

  • Status changed from Accepted to Work started

#6 Updated by knuckles500 over 12 years ago

Just want to ask if there's still work to be done on this. To be honest, it works
fine for me on all of my Gamecube GCMS. Of course, this could still be open unless
you were attempting at Wii ISO shrinking.

#7 Updated by hrydgard over 12 years ago

"Scrubbed" wii isos can be shrunk, so we should handle those.

#8 Updated by Anonymous over 12 years ago

yes, and the scrubbing source is gpl'd, i think. BUT, I'm guessing it's not
technically "safe": currently no way to go from a scrubbed image back to the exact
original image.

I suppose either we can not care, and just show a warning message, or maybe create of
file of all the original data that got zero'd, so it can be merged with the scrubbed
image. (Of course, this wouldn't save any space, just divide the garbage data from
the rest)

#9 Updated by XTra.KrazzY over 12 years ago

I say "Aye" for a warning message!

#10 Updated by zenmanorg over 12 years ago

If the opinion of a lowly user counts, I vote for the one-way compression with a
warning message as well.

#11 Updated by lpfaint99 over 12 years ago

maybe add one way gcm shrinking and a warning with

#13 Updated by MofoMan2000 about 12 years ago

I'm not sure the GCM shrinking works extraordinarily well. I tried to shrink my
GameBoy Player disk dump and the GCZ wound up being nearly the same size (I want to
say bigger, but I can't check right now) as the GCM.

#14 Updated by hrydgard about 12 years ago

Run a "garbage cleaner" on the iso and try again.

By the way, if an iso doesn't get smaller, it's not a bug - maybe the iso data just
is so "random" that the compressor isn't able to find anything to reduce away.

#15 Updated by lpfaint99 almost 12 years ago

  • Status changed from Work started to Fixed

fixed in r3267 - r3272

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