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Safe Texture Cache has SERIOUS (and i mean SERIOUS) problems on latests builds

Added by gabrielmorano almost 11 years ago.

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What steps will reproduce the problem?
1.Start Final Fantasy Christal Bearers or Silent Hill Shattered Memories
with safe textures cache "on" and EFB (Hack) soon as you start the game you will notice a black square on the upper
left of the screen

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?
This square does not let you see what's on screen... a lot of games needs
this "on" or they will crash (or you can't see things the right way) so
it's kinda an important issue. turning safe texture cache "off" makes the
Square to dissapear... but it's seems to be related to EFB as turning EFB
to real fix it makes it dissapear also, problem with EFB on real is thatit
makes makes a lot of games to work slower...
(and no, this games worked perfectly fine on previous versions, with no
graphic problems while using Safe Texture Cahce "on" with Hack EFB)
on r4687 it worked fine...

What version of the product are you using? On what operating system?
r4735 x32 x 64
Intel(R) Core2Duo 2.53 2gb
GeForce 8400gt 512
windows 7 x64

Please provide any additional information below.
Another good example would be "Dead Rising" if you have Safe Texture Cache
"ON" the game will be completely black...


#1 Updated by gabrielmorano almost 11 years ago

little typo there it's "Final Fantasy Crystal Bearers" but you can also test it with
"Silent Hill Shattered Memories" or "Dead Rising"

#2 Updated by sodismog almost 11 years ago

dx plugin?

#3 Updated by death2droid almost 11 years ago

From the sounds of it he is using the OGL pluign.

#4 Updated by ffantasy1999 almost 11 years ago

I have this problem, too.
For example:
Rockman 9 w/o Safe Texture Cache: 140 FPS
Rockman 9 w/ Safe Texture Cache: 5 FPS
And the problem only occurred when you using OGL plugin.

In DX9, Rockman 9 have no noticable FPS difference.
And my computer:
Core2Duo E6420 @2.13GHz
2G Ram
Geforce 8600GT

#5 Updated by gabrielmorano almost 11 years ago

The Issue described is for OGL Pluggin.

But in Direct3D there seems to be other problems, depending on the configuration you
can have a black square/mirror glass square or a zooming issue. (but in direct 3d
activatingevery single option to solve it is not a big deal as it does not affect the
fps count.
The next description was tested with "Final Fantasy Crystal Bearers"

Safe Tecture Cache "Enable"
CPU-EFB access "Enable"
EFB scale copy "Enable"
EFB Copy "Disable"
You will get the black square on the upper left

Safe Tecture Cache "Enable"
Eneble CPU-EFB access "Enable"
EFB scale copy "Disable"
EFB Copy "Disable"
You will get the black square and a the game zoom in the view (making it look like an

Now the zooming "effect" seems to be related to EFB Sacale Copy as enabling it makes
the game look the right way, but deactivating EFB scale makes the game zoom in (But
Without the black Square)

The Black square is related to EFB Copy, disbling it makes the black square appear.

The picture is from Direct3D pluggin.

#6 Updated by ChaosCode almost 11 years ago

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safe texture should only be used when needed. if the game works with out safe texture
on then this is not a bug.

#7 Updated by gabrielmorano almost 11 years ago

I said that a LOT of games need it on or they look the wrong way or hangs... i didn't
said that every game needs it (the ones i mentioned need it for example) so it is a

"Silent Hill" will crash in a lot of places if you don't have it on (Like the place
where you need to lower the bridge)

pluss this issue didn't happened on previous revisions so still saying is an issue...

what's the point in reporting issues if ppl is gona take the easy answer and say
"don't use it" ??? Oo

#8 Updated by gabrielmorano almost 11 years ago

pluss having a black square on the upper left when you NEED to use it it's rated
anoying as you can't see so... basically if you need it or not it's not the problem,
the problem is that when you DO need it it does not work properly

#9 Updated by gabrielmorano almost 11 years ago

Reporting that issue is not presented in r4826
way to go ^

Also the emulator seems to run a lil bit better (for example "Silent Hill" now runs
smooth and with no slowdowns, but the light problem seems to be back, as the
flashlight does some strange black bars appear on the backgrond)

#10 Updated by nakeee almost 11 years ago

  • Status changed from Questionable to Fixed

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