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Blue box in Mario Kart Wii with OpenGL

Added by wespipes69 about 11 years ago.

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What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Launch the game and observe the large blue box in gameplay

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?
No blue box.

What version of the product are you using? On what operating system?
4883. Win 7.

Please provide any additional information below.
I thought this was fixed a while back - the progressive scan fix commit? I
know D3D can never have this fixed but I thought OpenGL was fine now. Am I
missing something here maybe?


#1 Updated by NeoBrainX over 9 years ago

  • Status changed from Fixed to Accepted

Actually, this is still an issue. It either regressed or has never been fixed. It just happens on a few tracks though, for example the first race in the flower cup.

If it is a regression, it must have regressed between svnrev 6592 ( raa226aaf415f19d02a923ac04c8ac15ce4139839 ) and svnrev 4884 ( r5c526de39d7d386cbc2552e2a6e09fe0cdc62695 ).

#2 Updated by skidau over 9 years ago

issue 4875 has been merged into this issue.

#3 Updated by Billiard26 over 8 years ago

  • Issue type set to Bug
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#4 Updated by Autoran1 about 8 years ago

The issue is still presented for OGL only, DX9 and DX11 doing perfect

#5 Updated by NeoBrainX about 8 years ago

Is this still an issue in the tev_fixes branch?

I always took Ghost Valley 2 as a reference and can't recognize the blue box there anymore.

#6 Updated by NeoBrainX about 8 years ago

Nevermind, still very noticeable on Wario's Gold Mine.

#7 Updated by scientificraver about 8 years ago

This issue is there in DX9.

#8 Updated by NeoBrainX almost 8 years ago

issue 4875 has been merged into this issue.

#9 Updated by maartenpeters almost 8 years ago

And I think that this issue also exists by me in the DX11 version.

#10 Updated by maartenpeters almost 8 years ago

I can confirm that this issue affects OpenGL, DX9 and DX11 by me. But you doesn't see just a blue box, but you can also see some variations in that box that matches with what you see in the game. For example a tree. What I mean is that it's not a blank blue box that is showed in the left corner.

#11 Updated by skidau almost 8 years ago

Does this issue occur if the IR is set to Native 1X res?

#12 Updated by NeoBrainX almost 8 years ago

Shows up with any configuration, IIRC it even shows up in the software renderer (could be wrong on that one though)

#13 Updated by maartenpeters almost 8 years ago

The only solution is to disable fog (but I think you already know this, because you can find this workaround at the wiki.)

#14 Updated by maartenpeters almost 8 years ago

@16 I mean that, as in issue 4875, the screen is here repeated in the left corner and almost 100% transparant.

#15 Updated by degasus over 7 years ago

Can anyone please retry this on OpenGL + emulate format changes? Our OpenGL backend now supports emulate format changes, this could be changes, also the ogl backend is the only one which supports LogicOp correctly

#16 Updated by degasus over 7 years ago

As MaJoR reported that emulate format changes fixes this issue, I think it should be enabled by default in this game ini.

#17 Updated by maartenpeters over 7 years ago

But does emulate format changes fixes this bug for all render engines and not only OGL? I will try this later today and will report back.

#18 Updated by kostamarino over 7 years ago

It does fix this bug but with a very high cost for speed in this case, i knew it but didn't enable it due to that reason. Same with New Super Mario Bros and EFB to RAM, it fixes the spinning coins but with a very high cost for speed. Both are well known games and "killing" their speed by default creates a backlash. In the New super mario case i actually enabled Efb to RAM by default in the past and had to change it back later after severe criticism about it.
@wickmarkus86 do you want to take the responsibility yourself about it? I just hate the backlash these kind of changes create afterwards...

#19 Updated by MayImilae over 7 years ago

When I tried it there was zero performance impact on any backend. Of course, my computer is amazing, but I had the framelimiter off and saw no discernible impact. Can you retest it?

#20 Updated by kostamarino over 7 years ago

Will do, hopefully something has changed in the meantime and it it doesn't impact performance as it did in the past...

#21 Updated by kostamarino over 7 years ago

OK, i just tested dx9 and it seems that the speed hit is smaller than i remember, just in tracks that had the blue box appear like SNES ghost valley 2 i am experiencing a speed hit from about 160fps down to about 125 fps with the option. Not a huge speed drop but there is, ok i will enable it.

#22 Updated by kostamarino over 7 years ago

Damn, in Wario's gold mine is down from 170 to 105 fps (that stage also had the blue box always).

#23 Updated by kostamarino over 7 years ago

Ehm, do you still want it enabled?

#24 Updated by maartenpeters over 7 years ago

-Disabe fog: removes fog and fixes this issue with no speedloss.
-uncheck ''Ignore format changes'': Also fixes this issue, but with speedloss at start of the race and during the race.

I think the best solution would be to disable fog by default. Then you see no fog in-game, but it fixes this annoying issue. And when uncheck ''ignore format changes'' will not affect the speed of the game in the future that much, then we could check ''ignore format changes'' again and uncheck disable fog in the game.ini.

What do you guys think of this?

#25 Updated by JMC4789 over 7 years ago

I heavily, heavily disagree. The goal should be to ACCURATELY emulate the game. I don't think a speedhack that causes the game to look different from console should be by default. If you want to configure it for speed, do that yourself, don't make it default.

#26 Updated by NeoBrainX over 7 years ago

@Maarten: We don't enable hacks by default.

@kosta: I still think it's sad that we have no clear policy on what belongs to the game inis and what doesn't. I'm still all for enabling everything that is necessary to emulate games as perfectly as possible, and in this case it even makes sense, given that the blue box shows up in many tracks.

#27 Updated by degasus over 7 years ago

I also saw this big performance drop with high IR, so it's only a gpu slowdown. But as almost all users aren't gpu bottlenecked, I think we should activate it.

kostamarino: which IR did you use for the performance check?

btw: I don't think we should tolerate a 40% speed drop, but I'm fine with a sqrt(40%) IR drop ;)

#28 Updated by kostamarino over 7 years ago

@wickmarkus86 basically i used the fractional setting which gives full hd (1920*1080) in my tv-monitor. My gpu is a 560 ti (a middle tier card nowdays).

#29 Updated by kostamarino over 7 years ago

I have an idea (that someone else needs to implement :-P), what about making an option of utilizing or not the ini files database for the emulator in the general configuration, with it being enabled by default and a strong suggestion to be enabled for compatibility - disabled for personal speed settings that can break a game or certain aspects of it? That way the ini database can be easier focused on compatibility, and a noob can break a game to his heart content for speed and then "restore" it by selecting the option again?

And/or perhaps a second option for personal ini files that will be stored in a different named folder, and will be used when the option is enabled instead of those of the main database.
Something like:
A. Use the gameini database for compatibility.
B. Use the personal gameini database to make your own personal settings (for advanced users).
C. Disable the gameini database completely (not recommended).
The Personal gameini database will be stored in a new folder as a copy of the original and be editable, the original will not be editable, and the whole database could be disabled by selecting the third option. And everyone is covered this way i think?

#30 Updated by NeoBrainX over 7 years ago

I don't agree with adding an option for using different game ini databases. Fwiw, option C can be trivially "implemented" currently by simply removing the User/GameConfig folder. Given that this should only be done by advanced users, that's just about as much user friendly as is necessary.

That said, there are numerous things that would allow us to be more "strict" in terms of "trade performance against accuracy" are:
- be more verbose when game inis override the global configuration. E.g. by displaying an OSD message telling the user that stuff may slow down due to config overrides.
- improve the current game-config GUI to be able to easily configure all fields.
- allow for a "local" game ini database so that users don't have to modify the default game inis (so that they can easily revert any of their own changes lateron)

#31 Updated by kostamarino over 7 years ago

Sounds good to me, the local gameini database is also similar to B, i like it. Now the only thing left is who will actually do the above :-p.

#32 Updated by Autoran1 over 7 years ago

OGL works fine with EFB format changes and VBeam-speedhack *helped me with flickering *

#33 Updated by kostamarino over 7 years ago

  • Status changed from Accepted to Fixed

This issue is fixed by revision 30a501cfa59b.

#34 Updated by guerin45 about 7 years ago

This issue is no more fixed in Directx11 on version 4.0-1312

#35 Updated by JMC4789 about 7 years ago

Congratulations on wasting my time with your erroneous update to this old issue report. The blue box is gone, and if you've read this report at all or the game's wikipage, you'd know that. Instead of giving us your settings, computer, or any kind of information, you just say it's not working.

I verified the blue box is still gone in D3D11.

On the off chance this was an actual bug, you should have provided your actual specs or some kind of useful information.

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