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Implement GameBoy Player device

Added by MofoMan2000 almost 14 years ago. Updated almost 4 years ago.

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The GB Player disk is dumpable, just like a game disk. But as there is no
emulated GB Player, it's useless. I know it would mean looking up MORE
hardware reverse engineerings and everything, I just thought there should
be an issue for it. There'd have to be a way to tell it what image to load
up and what save file to use, and extensive testing to make sure neither
get corrupted in the process.

This could tie in closely to Issue 173 so I guess it is unnecessary given
that you can just use VBA. Still, for completeness' sake, here it is.

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Updated by nakeee almost 14 years ago

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Updated by MofoMan2000 almost 13 years ago

When booting the GameBoy Player disk with Panic handlers enabled, a single box pops up:
EXI IPL-DEV: illegal access address a0000600
[Yes] [No]

If you click yes the emulator gets away with it and goes on to show the GBP error screen telling you there's no GBP connected.

If you click no the emulator is arrested for using illegal addresses and is closed by Windows.

Hope this helps somehow.

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Updated by rukariosake almost 9 years ago

I am not sure if any one will actually use GB player emulator to play GBA roms.

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Updated by JMC4789 almost 9 years ago

So? It's part of the GameCube; it should be emulated.

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Updated by rukariosake almost 9 years ago

Can't see how is it necessary.

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Updated by MofoMan2000 almost 9 years ago

I can't see how a GameCube emulator is "necessary", and yet there you go.

This isn't really a project of necessity. It's more of a product of desire, and that desire is for accuracy and feature completeness. Hence, GameBoy Player issue.

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Updated by rukariosake almost 9 years ago

JMC4789 just said that GB Player "should" be emulated.

The GB Player existed because so the user can play GBA games on TV. I find it completely rendundant with dedicated GBA emulator that could be played on TV as well, isn't that correct?

Emulating the GB Player is going to be a fun project I guess.

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Updated by casshankles over 8 years ago

Certain Games on GBA were made with GBP enhancements. Three examples are:

  1. Pokemon Pinball features a vibration function when plugged into the player while using a Game Cube game pad.
  2. Mario & Luigi Superstar Saga also has vibration support. Also in single player mode, a second controller can be plugged into anyone of the other 3 ports. Since all four controllers emulate the same GBA, one player can control direction movement of the brothers and actions of the first brother, the second player can just decide the actions of the other brother while being dragged around every where. There are other single system games with turn based multiplayer like Super Monkey Ball Jr.
  3. Certain games like TLo Spyro: A New Beginning have better color, contrast, and brightness.

So there is a decent reason for it.

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Updated by Xpartan almost 7 years ago

I'm looking into creating a hardware adapter, from the GBA Player port to USB. If any progress on the programming end is made, I'd be more than happy to create instructions on how to create the adapter.

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Updated by MofoMan2000 almost 4 years ago

Woo, ten years running and still going! This has got to be some sort of milestone.

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Updated by endrift almost 4 years ago

I'll fix it some day, I swear.


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