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Distorted sound and missing music in Metroid Prime

Added by javimi.wan.kenobi over 12 years ago.

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What steps will reproduce the problem?
Start Metroid Prime and play.

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?
Normal sound and in-game music. Instead I get distorted sound in the menu,
and missing music in the game. It wasn't like this a lot of revisions ago,
can't find what rev caused it though.

What version of the product are you using? On what operating system?
r5285, Vista64, ATI 5850

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#1 Updated by javimi.wan.kenobi about 12 years ago

Still there in r5561 :(

#2 Updated by amberion2dp about 12 years ago

Music doesn't loop properly after a while. Also if you use save states at all, it can break sound completely and cause it to loop the last couple of seconds of music indefinitely.

#3 Updated by sonicbhoc about 12 years ago

I have similar problems in metroid prime 1 and 2: in metroid prime 2, the music plays way too low if at all; changing the volume fixes the problem temporarilly. Randomly, the music will play extremely loud, and then go back to being soft at the next track change.

In both games, sound and music is distorted, although not all the time. The issues are especially apparent on the menu screens for both games.

#4 Updated by Migs351 about 12 years ago

There are several issues here I think... One is the intro music... it's got distortion and static... (But this is the ONLY time you hear any static/distortion)

The rest of the issue is Volume... I think the actual music and sound effects (in game) are still being processed and played, but they are just not getting the proper volume level they should be playing at...

Now I'm just brain storming here... but I have noticed that there are times that the music will get louder depending on your position in a room or level and whatnot... It almost seems like an issue I remember having when playing certain PC games with surround sound that didn't support surround sound or playing games WITHOUT surround sound that forced it on... Were there any surround sound additions or anything like that?

#5 Updated by skidau almost 12 years ago

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#6 Updated by Anonymous over 11 years ago

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#7 Updated by javimi.wan.kenobi over 11 years ago

Still a valid issue.

#8 Updated by hatarumoroboshi over 11 years ago

Must be a 64-bit issue, because i've never experienced this (32-bit)

#9 Updated by alforata over 11 years ago

I believe so. I have tried on x86 before, and the music was perfect and there wasnt any missing sfx/music.

Im using x64 right now, and I saw that there are some missing sounds (for example, like the intro guy that talks about samus and her mission) and the music its really really low compared to the other sfx stuff.

#10 Updated by Anonymous over 11 years ago

I don't seem to have this problem. Are you sure it's not DSP HLE-specific? (Does using DSP LLE fix it?)

#11 Updated by javimi.wan.kenobi over 11 years ago

Nope, it's not HLE specific, and still happens in r7501. Menu music is distorted, and some in game music is missing randomly, for example the Tallon Overworld theme sometimes plays after entering the game, sometimes it just doesn't play. Or the sounds of things exploding, sometimes you can't hear them. BTW, this game is really sensitive to the "Enable Audio Throttle" option, it somehow fixes most of the distortion but not the missing music and effects.

Dolphin x64, Vista x64, ATI 5850, i5-750, etc.

Now that I mention it, Dolphin says that this CPU has 2 logical threads per core (4 cores, 8 threads), but the 750 doesn't have hyperthreading (4 cores, 4 threads).

#12 Updated by pierre over 11 years ago

DSP LLE audio gets distorted when the simulated CPU runs too fast(audio chunks skipped) or too slow (silence inserted). If you are not near SPEED: 100%, this will happen. Regarding the missing effects/music: I don't seem to have that with LLE.

#13 Updated by pierre over 11 years ago

Forgot to add: The LLE distortion also extends to the title music with DSP HLE, because it is supplied by the CPU instead of the DSP.

#14 Updated by javimi.wan.kenobi over 11 years ago

There's still a bit of distortion with LLE: when you beat Metroid Prime, after the credits where you can see your progress and time played, sound is distorted and speed is 100%. Plus with LLE there seems to be a ~0.5 sec delay between video and audio, you can clearly hear it when you shoot.

Then, after firing up the game to test HLE again, this time the Tallon Overworld theme is only heard on the left speakers. Random shit is random.

#15 Updated by Autoran1 almost 10 years ago

This one is no longer an issue on HLE, well until issue 5563, otherwise the BGM and other sounds are perfect

#16 Updated by skidau almost 10 years ago

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OK, will close this one and leave issue 5563 open.

#17 Updated by travis.gesslein over 9 years ago

This is not fixed. Still having problems with this in 3.0-739-dirty on HLE

#18 Updated by jung.rupert about 9 years ago

I can confirm this with 3.5-367

#19 Updated by degasus about 9 years ago

try to use an up to date version from our official website:

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