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Certain animated 2d images off by 1 pixel plus artifacts?

Added by justin.sweglar over 10 years ago.

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Any animated face scene in Fire Emblem:Path of Radiance

This is a older image of the problem.
I only point it out because it's not perfect yet and a image artifact is
still in it. If you look at the guy on the left you'll see a faded black
line going down the left of his nose.

New image SVN 5396
This is 10x better than what it was.
You can see artifacts and slightly off by like 1 pixel in certain areas.
Also notice the black line that was once in the old picture now to the
right of his nose. The jaw line on them also seems like its off in a few spots.

It's not that big of a deal... But it may effect other games. This problem
was only recently fixed... But I don't know what SVN fixed it.


#1 Updated by justin.sweglar over 10 years ago

Sorry SVN 2392 should be SVN 4971

#2 Updated by Anonymous over 10 years ago're reporting that a bug was fixed?
Also it could be that it just looks like that on real hardware :D Since on a TV you
probably could never notice that.

#3 Updated by justin.sweglar over 10 years ago

More like reporting that it was almost fixed lol. But the artifacts still shouldn't
be there. I nabbed a picture of OGL which shows image perfectly, but slower game play.
As you can see the jaw line is perfect and no artifacts.

This is not that big of a deal... It may effect other games more. But since it was a
recent change was thinking they could get it at 100% But then again the artifacts
look like they've been around for a long time.

#4 Updated by mariorolland over 10 years ago

Is your OpenGL plugin configuration the same as your DX plugin ? On the OpenGL
render, the picture seems blurred whereas the render from the DX plugin has aliasing

#5 Updated by justin.sweglar over 10 years ago

The openGL has a forced x1 anistropy. No option to change this other than up. Where
as the dx you get none or x16. Higher it is more cpu it uses... So I got it on lowest
settings. Hmm... After a quick test on dx with 16x anistropy, the artifacts are no
longer visible, jaw line is still messed up some, same with font.

#6 Updated by justin.sweglar about 10 years ago

Not sure when artifacts were fixed... And for the most part alignment issues resolved... With the EFB auto scale(fractional) Still busted in Auto scale(Integral). There's only 2 noticeable ones barely worth mentioning. But if you look in the first pic the chat box right in the middle hard to notice has a small black line going down it. Perfect in OGL. Also once in battle the top right txt box has 2 splits by lines... Possibly also floor tiles but not positive on that one. For the most part looks clean. Enough to probably close this issue.

#7 Updated by skidau almost 10 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Fixed

The off-by-one is a rounding issue. This is going to be as good as it gets.

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