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Missing Wii network support.

Added by ChaosCode over 11 years ago.

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Just something thats missing and will I hope be added at some point. Wanted
to go a head and open a ticket for it.

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#1 Updated by slink_3_ over 11 years ago

What would be the point of getting that done ?
Did you mean online gameplay ?!

#2 Updated by ChaosCode over 11 years ago

well, that would come with emulation of the hardware. Emulation of the wifi device
in Dolphin is missing. at some point it will be added. its pretty low on the list
but yeah. at some point everything about the gamecube/wii will be emulated.

#3 Updated by Anonymous over 11 years ago

thegamefreak0134: This issue is to emulate a hardware some indefinite
time in the future. Who knows? could happen :)
As to the rest of your post, the answer is probably libpcap, a cross-platform lib for
doing fancy network things (which is also what pcsx2 happens to use).

#4 Updated by ChaosCode over 11 years ago

No offence thegamefreak0134. this isnt the place to request functionality. Its a
place to report bugs and issues. please remove your post and move it to the forums.
Reguardless if the wiimote was support or not this should still be listed.

#5 Updated by hrydgard over 11 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Accepted
  • Issue type set to Feature request

actually, the game accesses the network adapter through a rather thick IOS interface,
which essentially implements sockets. It should be possible to map this directly to
Winsock/bsd sockets without many problems, although I can't promise anything.

this isn't high priority though.

#7 Updated by bushing about 11 years ago

Ioctls for /dev/net/ip/top need to be implemented. I've done the first one or two.

#8 Updated by marcus about 11 years ago

Would this mean hacki-- I mean accessing the Nintendo servers? Or making specialized
servers which mimic the Nintnedo ones?

#9 Updated by sl1nk3.s about 11 years ago

issue 801 has been merged into this issue.

#10 Updated by ChaosCode almost 11 years ago

Just as a update, Sonic1 has started this support.

#11 Updated by marcus almost 11 years ago

  • Status changed from Accepted to Work started


#13 Updated by bluck.nogueira over 10 years ago

would be great! : D

#14 Updated by Anonymous over 10 years ago

I don't see why this is here. The Wi-Fi is only used to connect to the internet,
hence, Netplay.

#15 Updated by robotcanadia over 10 years ago

it's also used for connecting to the ds...

#16 Updated by ChaosCode over 10 years ago

Ben, your completely wrong. supporting the wifi hardware has nothing to do with the
"netplay" ability that was added. Let me break it down for you, seeing your to lazy to
look it up yourself. "netplay" is for 2 player support over tcp/ip. Meaning games that
don't natively support multilayer over a network on the intended console will now work
over a network. This differs from the actual multilayer support of wifi hardware. Do
some research before posting something useless please.

#17 Updated by marcus over 10 years ago

All netplay does is imports the controller input for another comtroller socket from
the internet and uses it like it's local data. The other computer imports your
controller data and uses it as if it were local data. Under ideal curcumstances, the
two emualations will stay in sync and the emulation on both computers will be

Wi-fi is different: the game is designed to be grabbing data from the internet and
the processing of it is handled at a game level and the emulator only has to worry
about sending and receiving the packets for the game, just like the real LAN chip

#18 Updated by ChaosCode over 10 years ago

I will give the dev that adds this a cookie!

#19 Updated by gigaherz over 10 years ago

I didnt' ask to be CCd kthx XD

#20 Updated by daco65 over 10 years ago

chaos, you just locked me to CC D:
i can't delete myself since i cant contributor :P

#21 Updated by daco65 over 10 years ago

*can't commit

#22 Updated by luigi2us over 10 years ago

Wifi support? I'm already working hard on wifi support in desmume. And the DS wifi
device is not fully documented and it's ****ing hard to get multi-player games
working (not done yet :P )

#23 Updated by luigi2us over 10 years ago

Plus, we know nothing about the Wii's wifi device. So, right now, I can't work on
Wii's wifi :(

#25 Updated by hrydgard over 10 years ago

We don't need to know anything about the wifi hardware itself - IOS exposes a socket-
like interface and that's all we need to emulate, I think there's some preliminary work
done already. I'm not gonna do it though :)

daco65, you can now edit issues.

#26 Updated by daco65 over 10 years ago

thx ector.
*removes himself. im staying subscribed to this issue if it would ever come to it
that winsocks info is needed :)

#27 Updated by mikyb91 over 10 years ago

Wifi support?Fantastic

#28 Updated by hcasquet about 10 years ago

Wifi support? That would be fantastic xD

#29 Updated by luigi2us about 10 years ago

I really, seriously hope the IOS socket interface will make it easy to get it working.

Cause WFC on the DS is a bitch to get it working. So probably the WFC programs on the
Wii will be a bitch too, like they probably will break the connection because a
packet arrived one microsecond too late or something...

#30 Updated by ahmad.xcoder almost 10 years ago

Is there any updates on this issue? Implementing this should be simpler than
implementing it on the DS, as you just have to implement the socket interface.

#31 Updated by luigi2us almost 10 years ago

As long as you do HLE, yes. But when you switch to LLE, you'll have to emulate all
the crazy hardware that is mapped to the Starlet CPU...

#32 Updated by Sonicadvance1 almost 10 years ago

Yea... Don't want this crap in my inbox, so I'm removing myself

#33 Updated by sandertjuh2 almost 10 years ago

You should change the status of this issue to Accepted.
I think 'Started' is a bit misleading to some people...

#34 Updated by daco65 almost 10 years ago

no cause there is parts of networking code done and already in dolphin thx to sonic

#35 Updated by hrydgard almost 10 years ago

  • Status changed from Work started to Accepted

Yah, but since nobody is currently working on getting it running, AFAIK, I agree that
Started is a bit misleading. Changing back to accepted.

To the complainers whose comments were deleted: it seems that nobody is interesting in
getting this done, and that just means that it won't get done until somebody does take
an interest in it. Deal with it.

#36 Updated by Rygdea almost 10 years ago

You mean Netplay?

It seemed to have vanished from 2.0 though. (Or it's location moved & I can't find it.)

#37 Updated by daco65 almost 10 years ago

not netplay.
this is talking about the networking emulation. the emulation of the wii's wifi
module and the gamecubes modem/broadband adaptor

#38 Updated by sandertjuh2 almost 10 years ago

No, we mean emulation of the IOS parts which deals with the Wii's WiFi connection.

When those are properly emulated, you could play games like Mario Kart Wii online using

Nintendo WFC.

#39 Updated by daco65 almost 10 years ago

well, my knowledge to that part of ios is limited but afaik there are no direct IOS
calls for wifi :/
at least not to my knowledge in libogc
but then again; i haven't done much wifi stuff; ES on the other hand... but thats

@ nerd : my mistake, i misclicked ;)
should be somewhere in core

#41 Updated by Billiard26 over 9 years ago

issue 2870 has been merged into this issue.

#42 Updated by sayid.joey about 9 years ago

"it seems that nobody is interesting in
getting this done"
How come?! Everyone is interested in getting it done. I mean by everyone: dolphin users. If you mean programmers are not interested, then I agree since it is very hard to implement. I hope they can do it oneday without need to nintendo servers.

#44 Updated by binford35 almost 9 years ago

It would be nice to have full functionality on the GC BBA so that I can play some PSO with my friends online who are now scattered about the earth. It makes it much easier than buying a GC then trying to find a BBA. Please add the full functionality on this!

#45 Updated by NerdmastaX almost 9 years ago

its called schtserv, play pso blue burst, its free and u can use a pc your old dreamcast or an actual gc bba with pso Ive been playin for like 10 years, now could someone lock this thread because the people at dolphin have explicitly stated time and time again that they dont care about wifi, dolphins all about playin bootlegs from japan on day one. sorry to point it out like that, but i have yet to see someone using it for legit purposes. and watched the forum explode and support given when it came to monster hunter, anyways back to my cr-48, enjoy your fail emulator with no wifi support, nobodys smart enough to do it anyways.

#46 Updated by daco65 almost 9 years ago

PsoBB != PsoGC. not even close.
and yes the BBA wont be emulated nicely any time soon(if ever); but that doesn't give you the rights to be an arse

#47 Updated by NerdmastaX almost 9 years ago

umm schtserv has support for the gc version, you CAN hook up your gc

#48 Updated by daco65 almost 9 years ago

ye, and have fun spending a shit ton on a bba (afaik they are rare and expensive as fuck)

#49 Updated by MofoMan2000 almost 9 years ago

That's issue 647 I believe, please move that discussion there.

#50 Updated by atrauzzi almost 9 years ago

Would love to see Wifi support added so that I can interact with other emulator and real Wii consoles.

Won't this require some kind of randomly generated console ID mechanism? Getting this working might imply getting much of the Wii's internal frameworks implemented more fully?

Still, a wonderful prospect with games like Animal Crossing! ;)

#51 Updated by parlane about 8 years ago

  • Status changed from Accepted to Work started
  • Priority set to Normal
  • Operating system N/A added

#52 Updated by megazig about 8 years ago

you started this on Jan 18th, why isn't it done yet?

#53 Updated by NerdmastaX about 8 years ago

because you asked...

#54 Updated by tommyhl2.SS over 7 years ago

There is Wii-Network support. :)

#55 Updated by parlane over 7 years ago

Not complete.

#56 Updated by chokinghazard.g over 7 years ago

Any news since august ?

#57 Updated by parlane over 7 years ago

Some work was done on generating a valid Wii ID for NWC24 but no way to register them yet..

#58 Updated by parlane about 7 years ago

  • Milestone set to 4.0

#59 Updated by delroth over 6 years ago

  • Milestone changed from 4.0 to Current

@Parlane: status?

#61 Updated by leoetlino over 6 years ago

Since issue 6453 only blocks this on Windows, does it work on Linux?

#63 Updated by delroth over 6 years ago

  • Status changed from Work started to Fixed

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