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Suggest : Allow Profiles for Games ;)

Added by aieouie almost 10 years ago.

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Just I suggest, when we launch a game, a Way to save all Config (Wiimote+GameCube Controller + Graphic Config + Sound Config )...

By this way we'll could launch any game without change somes graphics configs or others…
All is configured and saved with the game launched.

This is my purpose after a week to test your very advanced and lovely Dolphin Emulator.

Best Regards…


#1 Updated by aieouie almost 10 years ago

Mre Infos about tests

Dolphin 2 to 6115 on Se7en 64bits
and a little on ac OsX 10.6

Tested Games :
Mario Kart Wii
New Super Mario Bross
Smash Bross Brawl Wii
Super Mario Galaxy
Super Mario Sunshine
Zelda WindWaker
Zelda Twilight

#2 Updated by aieouie almost 10 years ago

One more thing ^
… It could be nice a Preset by default for xbox controllers (no config needeed) what are most used with wii motes ;)

#3 Updated by aavindraa almost 10 years ago

If it doesn't muddy things up too much, this would be nice. If it does, it's not really a problem, because changing those settings takes a few seconds.

#4 Updated by luisr142004 almost 10 years ago

this is implemented, but it's incomplete imo o.o

#5 Updated by samljer almost 10 years ago

@ aieouie
The reason wiimote works that way is because your playing wii games
and dolphin doesnt emulate the controller, just relays the message.
When you use an XBOX controller, or any non-wii controller for that matter
it is "emulated" and you need to configure it how you would want it.

as for the original post, its implemented in the emulator just fine, exluding a few
small things which generally dont affect different games like say "CPU->EFB" would.
I just dont see the devs extending on something like this without first
actually getting more games working under default settings, at which point
it starts to become a useless feature.

#6 Updated by PianoGamer almost 10 years ago

But controller profile in the game inis would be permanently usefull, since wii games requires different combinations of Wiimote/nunchuck/classic controller etc. (with emulated wiimote you would save the trouble of switching profile between games)

#7 Updated by nickygraydon almost 10 years ago

I don't think that all the options are changeable from game to game though, and I think that could be a good edition, since some games require settings not available simply by right clicking the game and changing it's individual options. maybe add full support for that, or see'ing as Dolphin has a library of games built into it (I think?) that you could have Dolphin scan the ID's of your games. If a game matches up, That game will show up in the "profiles" page. If you don't get a 'hit' on an ID that game wont show up, it will save you from having to sort through thousands of game names for the one you want to change settings for.

Correct me if I'm wrong though, but I don't think you have access to all the settings through right clicking the game and/or editing the games config file.

#8 Updated by aieouie almost 10 years ago

Yes, maybe allow choose between "EFB Copy " to "RAM" or to "Texture" at less
"Disable Fog" too could be nice to add

Best regards

#9 Updated by Anonymous over 9 years ago

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#10 Updated by rachelbryk almost 7 years ago

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Don't mind me, just cleaning up some old issues.

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