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Metroid Other M Some cutscenes remain black or barely visible with blue shadows

Added by Ismael.A.Bartleboom almost 10 years ago.

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What steps will reproduce the problem?Viewing some cutscenes

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?
Some cutscenes remain visible other no.I donĀ“t understand what could be the trigger of the issue

Dolphin version with the problem? x64 6138

In dx9 & dx11 plugin some blue shadows in the non visible cutscene,in OPENGL totally black


#1 Updated by SpecialBienenForces almost 10 years ago

In Dolphin 2.0 and Wireframe enabled you can see the invisible part on the screen .

#2 Updated by marcel.werner3 almost 10 years ago

and this even seems to be the only issue with this XXX-title...sooo it would be awesome if this could be fixed quickly ^

#3 Updated by Daniele.Fiorentini almost 10 years ago

Audio is garbled too and instable as well, beside the black videos.

#4 Updated by marcel.werner3 almost 10 years ago

could someone with rights address this to Rodolfo and NeoBrain? Thx!

#5 Updated by jizardy almost 10 years ago

i think is not ethic to plubic emulation results on a game that is not even supoused to be out yet.

#6 Updated by Ismael.A.Bartleboom almost 10 years ago

the game is out OFICIALLY today! Some people have a copy a week ago.One friend of mine had a copy delivered 2 days ago.

#7 Updated by marcel.werner3 almost 10 years ago

In the forums someone said: "The black scenes problem is a projection issue in fact. The same affects Big Brain Academy. Probably fixing the projection fixes both games or more, I don't know. And this projection issue is in the code for ages, ever been. But well, it is Metroid now, so maybe the devs are inclined to find a solution. "

#8 Updated by codebase7 almost 10 years ago

Actually svn 6174 (and i guess any svn as i tried it with 4797 and it worked there too. on a side note a little faster.) can play the cut scenes however it requires the opengl plugin and the Bleach Versus Crusade hack enabled. However it will make the menus invisible including the pause menu and title menu, as well as the subtitles until the hack is disabled. so not really a fix but the hack can be toggled during gameplay so you can watch when you need to and then disable it when finished. On a side note the game sometimes messes up the cut scenes. an example is texture corruption, and samus having a one eye blinking problem. However this does not always occur.

Some Pics 56k WARNING.

Other M title Screen with hack enabled.

Other M Cut scene samus lands on bottle ship.

Other M auto gameplay with hack enabled.

Other M Samus with GF troopers.

#9 Updated by marcel.werner3 almost 10 years ago

Could a dev please CC this to Rodolfo and NeoBrain? Thx!

#11 Updated by SpiderTECH611 almost 10 years ago

I have confirmed the Bleach hack fix however with the current rev im using (6199) you can use dx9 not just opengl, you just have to choose the hack under game properties. same graphic glitches.

#12 Updated by dataschmuck almost 10 years ago

yes, but if you use dx9 and enable the hack under game properties, is there a way to toggle the hack while the game is running like you can with the opengl plugin?

#13 Updated by skidau over 9 years ago

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#14 Updated by skidau over 9 years ago

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