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Add detailed exception report

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Can be helpfull maybe add some informations inside the exception report txt file.

For example (i don't know if it's usefull for developers) dolphin can add automatically also the international code of the game or the title. The revision used, some configuration or settings which are essentials to be knowed by developers. Also the OS or some system details.

This will be, maybe, helpfull if there are new user which wants to help developers.

Just an idea.


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Sounds like a good idea.

Glenn, soren: That exception handler is windows only for now - know any facilities that let us know when we crash, and write some additional info?

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When the exceptioninfo.txt will add automatically the code of the game/app and the most usefull info people can submit only their expection info for general code errors without write i line i think.
For most serious problem (like CTD without any expceptioninfo.txt happends some times with some games) the people will continue to compile the issues forms. I think it will give a "speedup" for ones which resolves code errors

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Maybe the most fast way is to create a custom folder for logs whit a subfolder with the game/app ID.
for example "Dolphin/Logs/RP06E/exceptioninfo.txt"
In this way the logs and errors will be automatically splitted and organized by the game/apps used.

#4 Updated by BhaaL over 10 years ago

exceptioninfo.txt is for the whole application, not a particular game. I'd rather include game-specific info (when present) in that one, since the log will always be in the same location (less confusing for the end-user).

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j4ck.fr0st: We could always use signal handlers, and when a segmentation fault or other such issue occurs do something. There is probably a way to write a backtrace or something. Is that what you are getting at?

#6 Updated by BhaaL over 10 years ago

glenn: main question is probably the signal handler, so we get some sort of notification when we crash.
Getting a backtrace or something is optional IMO, since it wont really be of any use (no symbols for most things, especially Jit). Still, if you have a way, bring it on :)

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This looks pretty interesting; the current windows exception handling code can be improved greatly.

For example, the current stack overflow handler will itself cause a crash since it will alloc things on the stack as well, causing a fatal access violation (which then causes people to think dolphin is failing on the wrong type of exception - masking the root cause).

This is by-the-book fail:

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