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Input doesn't work when 3d vision is enabled

Added by johnchabot13 about 10 years ago.

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with 6839 and 6890 these are the versions I've tried it with

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windows 7 64bit

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GM8E01 metroid prime, RSBE01 SSBB

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both are plain,

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haven't tested all my games but it seems pretty straight forward, when 3d vision is on dolphin won't responded to gpad inputs (xbox 360 wired), with it off it's normal. On the other hand at least my real wiimote works just fine while in 3d vision mode


#1 Updated by Billiard26 about 10 years ago

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As a workaround, enable the "Background Input" option in the pad config.

#2 Updated by Touvan about 10 years ago

I see this too (r6901, r6909). If you enabled background input controllers work, but ESC, alt-Enter, etc. doesn't work.

#3 Updated by A.T.Owens about 10 years ago

When you enable this in Dolphin and start a game all control of your keyboard is taken over by Nvidia's 3D Vision interface. Therefore only giving you the ability of using hotkeys to change the behavior of the 3D driver, such as Ctrl+T to show or hide stereoscopic effects, Ctrl+F4 to Increase Depth, Ctrl+F3 to Decrease Depth, Ctrl+F12 to Show or hide 3D laser sight & Ctrl+Alt+Insert to Show or hide in-game compatibility.

The only way out of a game appears to be to either Alt+Tab or Alt+Esc which will crash the emulator. This is probably due to the fact that doing either of these takes the emulator out of a fullscreen state which is needed for 3D Vision to properly work.

If the devs wouldn't mind a suggestion, maybe one should be made to allow certain hotkeys to be mapped to a device other than the keyboard, such as the mouse or a gamepad.

#4 Updated by skidau about 10 years ago

Please retest this with the latest revision of Dolphin r7185. The input processing code has changed recently.

#5 Updated by johnchabot13 about 10 years ago

I attempted to retest with 7202, 7209 and I've got a new problem now. It won't even boot into 3d vision mode, giving me a failed to initialize Direct3D after it appears to attempt to move into 3d mode. But what's really strange is now 6890 won't boot either, 6839 will boot into 3d but with the same input problem

#6 Updated by hatarumoroboshi about 10 years ago

Yes, 3d vision doesn't work (failed to initialize Direct3d), tested with r7214 on WinXP 32-bit, Ati hd4850)...

#7 Updated by johnchabot13 about 10 years ago

Well you can't used 3d vision on an ati card, I have an nvidia 460gtx which should be supported

#8 Updated by mattcallaghan about 10 years ago

Yeah, it does seem to be broken at the moment. I'll take a look at it soon.

Though nVidia seem to be implementing windowed mode 3D at the moment, which would negate the need for this hack. Unfortunately executables need some sort of profile to be written by nVidia for it to work. I actually asked on their 3D Vision forums whether you can add some sort of flag to your code to help the driver pick up the game window, they said no but that they are interested in making an official profile, which would be nice considering the problems with this hack.

Anyone know which revision broke it? Not that important, just seems like some of the code got removed now that I look at it.

#10 Updated by peterswanston over 9 years ago

just one note widowed mode does work now you can even run n64 using the wii64 emulator and some how the 3d works all the way into the emulated emulated code :). If you find the images aren't lined up in the windowed mode the first few times just change the window size afew times until it properly sets them up.

#11 Updated by gwahorton over 9 years ago

3d Vision is of course now working again, but input is still being ignored on r7719 and on 3.0. I'm using the Win64 version on Windows 7.

#12 Updated by clamo636 almost 9 years ago

I can tell you all exactly y 3D vision does not work in the emulator. as it is only selectable as an option under the dx9 settings, well guess what? 3d vision don't work in dx9 it never has. Nvidia 3D vision REQUIRES DX10 or 11. the only reason y you see some youtube videos that are ruining dolphin games in stereo is because ether they have modified the emulator so it will run or they are using none nvidia stereo drivers that are not depended on MS Dx.

#13 Updated by wespipes69 almost 9 years ago

I have no idea what the hell you're talking about but you're wrong about pretty much everything. What was the point of the post? Does it have anything to do with the thread? How did you find this site? You should only post on the official forums if that's what you're going to bring.

Nvidia Vision supports DX9. Dolphin uses this when option is selected. Though it does have a ton of issues. I simply leave it off in Dolphin and activate it with the 3D hotkey (toggles 3D effect in any application running 3D gfx). Works perfect for me in either DX back-end without all the stupid issues the Dolphin option causes. This works better on a passive 3D monitor (passive > active btw) - I have an Acer HR274h < highly recommend to all of you!

Either way, input works fine - this issue should be closed.

#14 Updated by over 8 years ago

Doesn't work for me.

In D3D9, the game is displayed in 3D, but the controls (either keyboard or joypad) don't work.

I tryed to enable the background input, also to not check the 3d vision option and use the CTRL + T shortcut, ether way, the inputs don't work.

Please check this issue, I'm pretty sure that its because I have the NVidia 3D compatibility popup in game from the start (that says that this game is not tested ect.), and I suppose this take the focus of the controls. The nvidia shortcuts do work (like CTRL + T).

By the way, you can test this even if you don't have a 3D display, using the 3D vision discover (red / blue), same issue, no controls.

In D3D11 the controls works but I have no 3D at all... And many glitches.

Thanks in advance :)

My setup:
Windows 32x / D3D9
Nvidia GTX 570 + Sony HMZ-T1

#15 Updated by wespipes69 over 8 years ago

Did you bother reading the last comment?

#16 Updated by mattcallaghan over 8 years ago

Just checked and it works fine for me on the newest revision, so I dunno what to tell you, sorry.

I almost feel guilty for adding this hack to Dolphin, feel like I should fix the issues but I'm just not sure how to.

PS Totally jealous of the HMZ-T1.

#17 Updated by sktsqrl over 8 years ago

I'm working on fixing up all the 3d vision stuff at the moment. Won't be committed till this weekend or after though, since I am waiting for glasses in the mail :)

mattcallaghan do you mind if i become owner of this?

#18 Updated by mattcallaghan over 8 years ago

Completely fine by me.

#19 Updated by over 8 years ago

As I said, you can test without a 3D display, just use the 3D vision discover, and try to press ESCAPE ingame at start... You'll see that only the Nvidia shortcuts are working. And to know if the 3D is on, well if the display is some kind of red in the Wii start warning, then the 3D is ON.

BTW, do you get the Nvidia popup ingame at start ? telling you that the game is not rated and to press CTRL+ALT+INS to close the popup. I'm pretty sure this is the source of the bug...

Also, I'm using the 3D TV Play app from Nvidia, it is made for all the HDMI 3D devices, so maybe its not the same as the standard PC 3D vision with 120hz displays, and thats why its not working for me ...

BTW2, the HMZ-T1 is the best 3D experience I had ever :p (after owning, in order, a Samsung LCD 3D TV, a Panasonic Plasma 3D TV and a Nintendo 3DS -.-)

Happy to see you're working on it, thanks :)

#20 Updated by wespipes69 over 8 years ago

Can someone please tell me the reason for this option?? All you have to do is use the hotkey! The option just screws things up. Why not just remove all of the code around it. I noted all of this here:

No other PC games have this (that I've seen). I always just toggle the hotkey while the nvidia info box will tell me the 3D rating. This is should be very simple.

#21 Updated by over 8 years ago

You're suggesting to use DX11 + activating the 3D with the hotkey CTRL+T right ? Well, first, that doesnt work (the 3D doesnt activate at all), and secondly, the DX11 plugin is buggy (at least with the game I'm trying to emulate, Muramasa (JP))

In DX9, the hotkey works only when the 3D vision hack is enabled, but then all the emulator input dont work (cant even press ESC to exit).

I forgot to say that I'm using an XBOX360 USB gamepad (I tryed the background input checkbox ON and OFF).

#22 Updated by WesaMcDaniel over 8 years ago

Huh, maybe it's just because I'm using a passive 3D monitor (acer). When I had an active one before, it was a lot tougher to get into 3D mode in general (needed a certain res, etc). Still don't understand why the nvidia hotkey 3d toggle doesn't work here as it does in every single pc game out there. Regardless, support definetely needs to be improved on this.

#23 Updated by Billiard26 over 8 years ago

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#24 Updated by s.roth almost 8 years ago

well it seems nothing happens regarding this issue; I'm using 3.5-1579 and have the same problem; 3d vision works fine (when hack is activated); controller works if background input is activated; but still no keyboard controls (only for 3d Vision); I tried to use a PS/2 connected keyboard but no success; I tried to use a program to bind the keyboard hotkeys to my xbox controller but no success; I don't know the coding stuff with 3d vision but can't imagine that it is too hard to fix; with all "normal" games on windows I can still use the keyboard like regular; also at least a workaround could be to enable Dolphin to use controller buttons for the hotkeys; I just wanted to know if this problem has any chance to get a solution in the near future?

#25 Updated by Damon.Brenner over 7 years ago

Here's my method to get 3DVision working in Dolphin (DX9 only, I use 3DTV Play):
1.Make sure "Enable Stereoscopic 3D" is checked and applied in NVidia control panel before opening Dolphin.
2.In Dolphin, go to graphics config and set 1280x720, in Enhancements, check 3D Vision and close graphics config.
3.Start game
4.Use 3D vision hotkeys to adjust 3D effect and save 3D configuration.
5.Crash Dolphin with windows task manager.
6.Start Dolphin and uncheck "3D Vision". Start game, DX9 should now be presented in 3D.

If there were a side-by side 3D option, or fullscreen could be exclusive while still allowing control inputs to work, we wouldn't need any special 3D Vision setting and we could get 3D to work in DX11.

#26 Updated by wespipes69 over 7 years ago

"If there were a side-by side 3D option, or fullscreen could be exclusive while still allowing control inputs to work, we wouldn't need any special 3D Vision setting and we could get 3D to work in DX11."

That's exactly what I was thinking too. I would love for a dev to (at a high level) explain why 3D works the way it does in Dolphin. Why keyboard input doesn't work? Why this setting is necessary for 3D Vision? How (high level again) it differs from other pc applications out there, that can display 3D without any special handling (games made 5+ years ago).

#27 Updated by mattcallaghan over 7 years ago

I'll have at explaining the issues with the 3D Vision implementation, but you're in for a long post. Now, I've not really been keeping up with 3D Vision news and back when I committed the patch, nVidia didn't even have support for windowed 3D applications, so keep that in mind. Here we go:

All the "3D Vision" option does is implement a hacky fullscreen exclusive mode, this makes it much easier for the driver to detect an application that is rendering using DirectX. The driver does literally all the work in making a stereoscopic image.

There are quite a few reasons that programs are generally moving away from fullscreen exclusive mode and starting to use "fullscreen borderless windows". The biggest of which is that "exclusive mode", really means exclusive. If DirectX loses focus while in exclusive mode, you have to release the DirectX device and a bunch of other DirectX related objects (shaders, some textures, etc), then reset them once you regain focus. Dolphin doesn't do this (hence hacky implementation) causing the crash when alt+tabbing.

Now onto why it doesn't get detected without exclusive mode. I have no idea. I've asked on the nVidia dev forums if there is a way of flagging an application for stereoscopy, but there apparently isn't. They showed some interest in adding an official profile so that the driver would automatically recognise the Dolphin executable, but I never heard anything back about that. Weirdly, for a while, if I disabled my second screen (from the nVidia control panel), 3D Vision worked for me when using the DX11 plugin, dunno what the deal with that was.

I gave up on trying to understand the issues with input, as you can probably tell, focus is important and the 3D Vision option messes with that. I assume that whatever is meant to be reading inputs doesn't have focus when exclusive DirectX is being used, making "background input" necessary. Since the Dolphin hotkey stuff is separate from the input plugins, they don't pay any attention to the "background input" option (rightfully so really), meaning that workaround doesn't work for things like savestate shortcuts.

I still feel guilty whenever I see someone post about this option, it really should be alot better.

#28 Updated by wespipes69 over 7 years ago

Thanks Matt for the thorough explanation! That explains soooooooo much. No need to feel guilty at all also, at least we have something!

I saw the same thing with the DX11 was working for a few months with just the nvidia hotkey. Wonder what happened!!

So you're saying that without the "exclusive" mode, the driver just can't pick up on the fact that dolphin is rendering 3D in DX....and that's why we can't just use the Nvidia hotkey to toggle this on/off?

#29 Updated by mattcallaghan over 7 years ago

Yeah, that's pretty much the entire issue. Apparently you can rename alot of unsupported executables to "googleearth.exe" and it'll make the driver detect the program for windowed 3D. I don't know if that would work with Dolphin though, I'd assume someone would have tried that by now and let us know.

#30 Updated by wespipes69 over 7 years ago

You stupid, stupid did it!! That's it, the exe name! It worked! After changing it to googleearth.exe, Dolphin can now have 3D toggled on/off with the Nvidia hotkey, windowed or full, on either DX11 OR DX9! The latter having some minor gfx corruption though (weird colored lines in the middle of image). But DX11 looks perfect. The proper effect rendering varies from one game to the next but most games can be played in 3D without depth issues. True steroscopy.

Wow. Can't believe it was as easy as that. The name. So....can someone from the team find a way to "white list" Dolphin.exe with the driver. It had to have been there before - the listing in the driver must have vanished. That's why it worked briefly.

Again, I'm a passive monitor dude, so others with active 3d monitors should give this a try (with the monitor set correctly of course) and see if it works. If so, maybe its time to kill the option and just add a note in the readme or something.

Here's what it looks like for me when 3D is activate:
Hard to tell, but it makes a PRETTY 3D image.

#31 Updated by mattcallaghan over 7 years ago

Ha, that's hilarious.

I think adding the executable to the drivers whitelist is something that nVidia has to do unfortately.

#32 Updated by degasus over 7 years ago

Does anyone want to try this build with the ogl backend:

The importend settings are in the gfx_opengl.ini:
AnaglyphStereo = True
AnaglyphStereoSeparation = whatever you want and depends on game

You should get a side by side 3d image :-)

#33 Updated by wespipes69 over 7 years ago

Yeah, that's what I meant. Can someone bother them again to add Dolphin to the 3D list? I can, if someone points me in the right direction.

Thanks for experimenting with 3D. Appreciate the support.

This however doesn't work for my monitor it looks like. When in side-by-side mode, if I activate 3D (hotkey), it simply tries to make the WHOLE screen 3D, instead of transforming those separate images into one 3D image. I have a passive Acer 3D set.

For me, I just need to be able to press the hotkey and "interlace" the image to achieve 3D. For me, I just need an Nvidia 3D vision compatible name for Dolphin's exe.

#34 Updated by degasus over 7 years ago

wespipes69: yeah, it only works in fullscreen ;-) But interlaced should also be possible, but here you keep care which image is on which eye as this will switch by moving the window.
The best would still be quad buffers. Does your driver+tv support it?

#35 Updated by wespipes69 over 7 years ago

Not sure of that support - I have the Acer HR274H. I think it only does 3D when the images is interlaced (see my pic a couple posts above).

#36 Updated by meatfighter over 7 years ago


Sorry. I'm not a native English speaker so if I said anything weird, just ignore that part.
I'm just like you. A dolphin fan who's longing for the 3D vision to get fixed properly.

I'm sorry to report that renaming the .exe file to "googleearth.exe" didn't work for me
for the damn DX11 to work with 3D vision. The hotkey just won't do anything.
Not in window mode nor full screen.Here's the spec of my environment. Any clues?

Ver.4.0-110(64bit version)
OS: Windows7(64bit obviously)
CPU: Athlon Phenom2 1055T (2.8Ghz by def,OCed at 3.5Ghz)
Tested on Zero4, LoZ SS(Both are Japanese versions).

When I saw your post, man...I thought "Is it THAT simple? Geez...WTF had I been searching
and testing all this time!" But it didn't work...I felt saliva drool down from edge of my mouth from
despair and disappointment (p)b

I reckon there'd be more people who's wanting this feature to get fixed. It's something even
Wii U can't do.Playing games in 3D is just too sweet. It's literally "experiencing new dimension."
How can we(or I) have the devs to pay more attention to the problem? And please just don't say
"fix it yourself."It'll take me forever to learn things like computer programming and by the time I could,
Dolphin would most likely be obsolete LOL.

Actually, is it matter of how many devs who's paying attention to this? Or is 3D vision a technology
which is just so different from ordinary programming hence a person who knows about both is
just too exceptional? I asked one of the devs about this once. He told me something like
"Only one guy did everything to implement this feature so everyone else knows nothing about it."

From what I heard,I was under the impression that when somebody changes codes, he'd write a comment
about it so that others could catch up with what he had done. How can a situation like "Nobody else
knows anything about it and only the guy can continue" can happen? What would happen if 3D vision feature
causes serious conflicts with other critical functions? I'd cry seriously if someone just said
"Let's get rid of it."

I want to stop expecting if it doesn't and WON'T work. But I can't...I just can't...stop...

#37 Updated by rachelbryk about 7 years ago

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3d vision is gone with d3d9.

#38 Updated by Armada almost 7 years ago

This build should restore the 3D Vision functionality without any input problems:

Use the D3D backend and make sure "Render to Main Window" is disabled. Enable 3D vision in your driver and then start a game in fullscreen.

#39 Updated by Armada over 6 years ago

We're currently undergoing testing of this feature on the forums, please try it out and provide feedback:

#40 Updated by JMC4789 over 6 years ago

  • Status changed from Won't fix to Fix pending

#41 Updated by JMC4789 over 6 years ago

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Should be fixed in 4.0-2286 as it doesn't use an exclusive fullscreen hack.

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