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Configuration profile (video setting) shows wrong game-names

Added by hatarumoroboshi over 9 years ago.

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What's the problem?
When you start a game and then you go to "options"/"graphics settings", in the "configuration profile" you find written the name of another game of your archive (for example starting NSMB Wii I get the name of NBA JAM in the configuration profile). So for changing the settings with the profiles now you have to know what game corresponds to that name (if I want to change the profile of NSMB Wii I have to change the one of NBA JAM, if I want to change the profile of NBA JAM I have to change the profile of The Legend of Zelda TP and so on...)

Dolphin version with the problem (as it appears in the title bar, Ex.: "R
4779" or "R 6403M"):
for sure r7175 and later

(optional) Dolphin version that does not have the problem:
r7170 shows the right names, but I couldn't find revisions from r7171 to r7174 to test...

Operating system and version:
WindowsXP SP3 e8400, hd4850

32-bit or 64-bit:

Game ID (as it appears in game properties, Ex.: "GZ2P01" or "RSBE01"):
Every game

Build command-line (not on Windows):

Was the ISO a plain dump from disc, compressed and/or scrubbed?
Plain dump

Please provide any additional information below.
According to the descriptions of the commits I think that it could be r7174 that messed up the profile names, but I couldn't find it to test so I cannot say it for sure...

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#1 Updated by MofoMan2000 over 9 years ago

Confirmed. This needs to be looked into, fast, this is really bad.

#2 Updated by skidau over 9 years ago

issue 4118 has been merged into this issue.

#3 Updated by cloud101090 over 9 years ago

sorry Mofoman2....

when I open new issue, I've already checked the issues page and didn't see this issue.
Seems like my eyes tricked me -_-(I saw you issues 4116 but i really miss this one).

At least I've found new problem that unique chaacter like Japanese Font show blank Name in Config Profile List :p

#5 Updated by glennricster over 9 years ago

This is my fault. I sorted the game list in the array string, but not when the setting is selected at other places. I will work on it.

#6 Updated by glennricster over 9 years ago

The issue with Japanese Fonts is not my fault. Someone else that has one of those games will have to look at that.

#7 Updated by glennricster over 9 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Fixed

This should be fixed by revision 7203.

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