Emulator Issues #45

Various fullscreen mode issues

Added by hrydgard over 11 years ago.

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From Emuforums: "I have some problems with both GPU plugins since Rev. 26,
but I don't know if its my problem alone. I'll try to explain:

The OpenGL plugin shows only a quarter of the screen in windowed mode (the
window size is fixed and I can't change it), and in fullscreen I can hear
the windows' error sound when I press any key on keyboard and it's annoying.

The DirectX9 plugin works fine in windowed mode, but in fullscreen the top
of the screen flickers a lot showing the buttons of a window."


#1 Updated by RockmanRotties over 11 years ago

Megaman Network Transmission didnt work in this version.. It was work in rev 18 which
I posted in Issues list. Thank you for reading. :)

#2 Updated by Anonymous over 11 years ago

too lazy to check rev# atm, but I uncommented a line in glinit.cpp that was keeping
the ogl window from being created at the correct size/place. however, the video still
doesn't stretch when the window in resized, and fullscreen doesn't want to get rid of
the window borders :s
also, the same dx9 fullscreen issue still exists.

#3 Updated by Anonymous over 11 years ago

r243: fixed fullscreen in dx9 and ogl; the resize issue still remains -_-

#4 Updated by XTra.KrazzY over 11 years ago

Are these still relevant?

#5 Updated by daco65 over 11 years ago

well, ogl has stretch to fit which does the job for the maximizing problem :/
i am temping to close this unless it doesn't work for some1 else

#6 Updated by XTra.KrazzY about 11 years ago

so, how about closing this then?

#7 Updated by ShadowIsLord about 11 years ago

This screenshot demonstrates the problem (rev2195):

Only the GL plugin has this issue, DX9 plugin fullscreen works fine.
A workaround is to enable "Render to Main window" and then click fullscreen button
from the dolphin gui.

#8 Updated by federelli about 11 years ago

OpenGL resizing issues remain stil in r2276.

FB to RAM scales wrong, seems to scale 4x bigger than it should.
Some games scale wrong.
Some games render a quarter of the screen, sometimes top left, bottom left.
Garbage on sides of screen, probably due to unexpected wrong scaling and sides not
being cleared of garbage to improve speed.

#9 Updated by Justus.Alcaeus about 11 years ago

Isn't this fixed already? I guess Auto Scaling does the job, doesn't it?

#10 Updated by federelli about 11 years ago

Some Wii games (Mario Galaxy) still render only a quarter of the screen properly,
maybe another issue should be opened and mantained by one of the devs.

#11 Updated by Justus.Alcaeus about 11 years ago

It works fine for me on Mario Galaxy and all the other GC/Wii games I've tested. Just
turn on Full Screen (1680x1050 for me) and Auto Scaling without any other settings
like Native Resolution and so on. It works flawlessly. :)

#12 Updated by sl1nk3.s about 11 years ago

the problem is, if you don't set your current Desktop resolution as the fullscreen
res in Dolphin, it doesn't work, and the window is misplaced, this still need to be
fixed, maybe we should force the use of the desktop res ?

#13 Updated by sl1nk3.s about 11 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Fixed

these issues should be fixed now > r2858

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