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Enhancements for Frame Dump feature

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Hey guys, long time no see.

I really like the frame dump feature in Dolphin, since I really don't want to show off what my hardware can do and I would rather just use Dolphin as a way to record video footage without performance issues showing up in the video itself. I use the video capture feature on PCSX2 often and I was wondering if you could add in a few more "enhancements" so that I could use it a bit more often.

1.) Specify output resolution - I like to record videos at high resolutions, but my monitor can only display resolutions up to 1440x900. I would like to record footage at a custom resolution (like 1920x1080) so I don't have to change the resolution settings in my video plugin - like the way PCSX2 does it. So I can play and record in windowed mode but the output video will be at 1920x1080.

2.) Specify output directory - I know that Dolphin outputs the video to /User/Dump/Frames, but I have a problem with this. The partition where Dolphin (as well as my other programs) are kept are on a relatively small partition. I have a much bigger partition on a secondary hard drive that I like to use for saving raw/recorded footage. Right now the only way I know to get the video dumps to appear on the bigger partition is to copy Dolphin itself to the partition, which is pretty inconvenient for me. I'm not sure if there is a configuration file somewhere that can allow me to change the output directory, but last time I looked I couldn't find it. I also noticed that some video codecs allow you to specify the output directory, but not all of them do that.

3.) Activate audio dumping on the same pop up menu as the frame dump feature when you start a game - This is nothing more than a nitpick of mine, but it would make things just a bit more convenient. Right now you have to activate "Dump Audio" underneath the Audio tab in the config. For the sake of convenience, this setting should appear on the frame dump pop up window as well so you can kill two birds with one stone on the same window. Again, this is incredibly nit-picky, so if it's too much to ask I can see why. :P

I understand that the frame dump feature is still in development and it's not quite there yet (I noticed some sync problems in some games). I looked around Google Code to see if anyone here created a issue for similar enhancements to the feature but I couldn't find anything, so I decided to make a issue here.

Since technically the frame dump feature is still being worked on, I guess some of these enhancement requests were thought of before and might be planned in the future. If that's the case, you can ignore this then. :P


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All of these issues have been fixed over the years. You select the output resolution based on the resolution the game is running and tick "Full Resolution Frame Dumps". You can select the output directory. Audio dumping is right next to frame dumping.

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