Emulator Issues #4858

Memcard Manager formatting fix, HLE memory card formatting

Added by lpfaint99 about 9 years ago.

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GCMemcard Updates

Purpose of code changes on this branch:
various updates to memory card class, formatting fix needs to be pulled to master (r3c88adb1caf8), changes in r6d6cb8dde85c will reduce the stupidity of users by not creating a sram.raw file and only updating an existing file
unsure if r64d810c6390b should be in master or not, HLE the card formatting should reduce the number of stupid users who cannot press A to format the card, given the same parameters (sjis/ascii, flashid, formattime) the formatted card is identical to one formatted from within a game/the ipl

When reviewing my code changes, please focus on:
whether or not r64d810c6390b is wanted in master

After the review, please pull into branch:


#1 Updated by diegojp955 almost 9 years ago

but... before this worked (naerly...) fine.

#2 Updated by lpfaint99 almost 9 years ago

wrong account hehe it worked until i broke it with r5f9591cf9d0a

#3 Updated by Anonymous almost 9 years ago

hmm I don't understand why you've removed the sram file? How will that state persist then?

And also what I said about moving GCMemcard files.. :>

Otherwise it looks good.

#4 Updated by lpfaint99 almost 9 years ago

the sram change made sense in my head originally, we update the language/memcard flash ids every boot and seeing lots of users confusing it with a memory card on the forums, but that should be fixed with r5f9591cf9d0a.

i'm just verifying that i made the cmake changes correctly before pushing the move

#5 Updated by Anonymous almost 9 years ago

so is it ok to merge the branch without the sram commit?

#6 Updated by lpfaint99 almost 9 years ago

yeah that should be ok, everything else will work fine without that commit, flashid wont be logged anymore but it's probably not useful for much

#7 Updated by Anonymous almost 9 years ago

ok, you can merge (without sram change, please), delete the branch, and mark this issue resolved if you'd like :) Or I'll do it later.

My last comment is that 'delete' is OK even if the ptr is null.

#8 Updated by lpfaint99 almost 9 years ago

i know i've read/been told about delete for null pointers, i need to change that habit :)

merged now, but i'm not sure how to delete a remote branch with git

#9 Updated by lpfaint99 almost 9 years ago

remote branch is deleted now

#10 Updated by parlane over 7 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Fixed

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