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Kirby's Return to Dream Land - OpenGL - shadow bug

Added by shadowflash over 9 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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1) Game Name and ID (as it appears in right click > properties: "GZ2P01",
"RSBE01", etc): SUKE01

2) Shadow is black and it's vertical instead of normal shadow.

3) Did the game ever work correctly (i.e. not have this problem) on an
earlier version of dolphin? Please specify the exact revision when the
problem began.

Not on any known revision that runs this game.

4) What steps will reproduce the problem?

Just run the game with OpenGL backend.

5) What version of dolphin are you using (32bit/64bit along with the
version as it appears in the title bar, etc)?

On what operating system, drivers, and hardware? Be sure to list OS,
graphics driver information, and video card model if you are having
graphics problems, for example.
Kubuntu 11.10 32-bit. GeForce GT440 video card. 290.10 drivers (doesn't matter, same bug with earlier drivers)

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#1 Updated by tommyhl2.SS over 9 years ago

I'm getting this. Windows 7 x64, HD6650, Catalyst 11.12.

#2 Updated by shadowflash over 9 years ago

If renderer is OpenGL then it's the source of that bug, because i have different OS, video card and drivers, and i'm getting exactly same bug.

#3 Updated by shadowflash over 9 years ago

Just ran win32 build in wine with D3D9 plugin and got normal shadow.

#4 Updated by Billiard26 over 8 years ago

  • Issue type set to Bug
  • Category set to gfx

#5 Updated by tommyhl2.SS over 8 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Accepted

This is still an issue with OGL.

Dolphin 3.5-290 - 64-Bit (cae8bb33c334)

Asus Laptop: K53TA
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium, 64-Bit - SP1
CPU: AMD Llano A6-3400M, Quad-Core, 2.4GHz (Overclocked)
GPU: AMD Radeon HD6650M, 1GB GDDR3 (Catalyst 12.4)
RAM: Samsung 4GB DDR3-1333

#6 Updated by tommyhl2.SS over 8 years ago

GLSL-master has this issue as well. Dolphin 3.5-356 - 64-Bit (a87fd89fce2c)

#7 Updated by NeoBrainX over 8 years ago

Upload a two-frame fifo log and a reference screenshot showing the same scene, please.

#9 Updated by NeoBrainX over 8 years ago

Happens in Video_Software, too.

#10 Updated by MayImilae almost 8 years ago

A forum user mentioned that it still occurs even after the GLSL OpenGL rewrite in 3.5-1064.

#11 Updated by tommyhl2.SS almost 8 years ago

  • Category changed from gfx to ogl

#12 Updated by tommyhl2.SS over 7 years ago

Replacing the broken mediafire FIFO log download from comment 8.

#13 Updated by degasus over 7 years ago

Better fifo log which also shows the shadow in working backends:!yNoSlRaQ!D0ZrSlxUPkmSQ4BtiDO2Xgwifm8diJZIoZ2ERszAe3k

Some hours of debugging later: This game renders with logicOp=Noop and DstAlpha=1 the alpha channel, but dstAlpha + logicOp isn't supported by OpenGL nor Direct3D.

But it's working on D3D11 because this backend doesn't have logicOp support implemented at all. It just use the same based on blending hack as the D3D9 backend. But as blending support dstAlpha, this hack also does.

#14 Updated by NeoBrainX over 7 years ago

For reference, it seems like the issue does not occur in the software renderer anymore when testing on revision c1ddeacc9d09.

#15 Updated by NeoBrainX over 7 years ago

Not surprisingly, it also does not happen on real hw.

#16 Updated by idan345 almost 7 years ago

has there been any progress on this? still have that bug and i wonder if its going to be fixed at some point ?

#17 Updated by Stevoisiak over 6 years ago

Can confirm the issue does not happen when using the software renderer or Direct3D. Only OpenGL

#18 Updated by degasus over 6 years ago

idan345 This issue is hard to fix. We could add a check if the logicOp is Noop and emulate this with color masking, but other games may still be broken because of this issue.
But good luck, at least on some mobile GPUs, there will be an extension to use custom blending. This would allow us to emulate this feature there. But bad luck, this feature isn't possible on current gen desktop GPUs at all.

#19 Updated by pauldacheez over 6 years ago

issue 8085 has been merged into this issue.

#20 Updated by ZephyrSurfer over 4 years ago

A current PR fixes this on Dolphin:

#21 Updated by JosJuice over 4 years ago

  • Status changed from Accepted to Fixed
  • Fixed in set to 5.0-730

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