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Mario Party 8 "Speed Graffetti" does not render paint proper with EFB2Texture or OGL EFB2RAM

Added by wespipes69 about 9 years ago.

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1) Game Name and ID (as it appears in right click > properties: "GZ2P01",
"RSBE01", etc):
RM8E01 - Mario Party 8

2) What is the expected output? What do you see instead?
The paint in this mini-game will not stick (it'll just float off to the side). This ONLY occurs with EFB>Ram and ONLY with DX9/OpenGL - no issues with DX11 or if you use EFB>Texture (which is strange I know).

3) Did the game ever work correctly (i.e. not have this problem) on an
earlier version of dolphin? Please specify the exact revision when the
problem began.

4) What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Launch game and go to the minigame tent
2. Select this minigame and observe the paint movement

5) What version of dolphin are you using (32bit/64bit along with the
version as it appears in the title bar, etc)? Do not say 'latest version'
this changes multiple times a day.
On what operating system, drivers, and hardware? Be sure to list OS,
graphics driver information, and video card model if you are having
graphics problems, for example.
Win7 x64,Sandy i5, Nvidia 460gt, Dolphin r3.0-692

6) Please provide any additional information below.
Related bugs - one was the same thing but closed to "no response":
issue 2721
issue 3483

7) Attachments. IMPORTANT! We have a limited storage quota on
GoogleCode, so please use a 3rd party host for screenshots or any other
files ( for example).


#1 Updated by pauldacheez about 9 years ago

Does enabling EFB cache fix this? And is this fixed by the Hashless branch? Those have fixed every bug I've seen EFB to RAM produce that EFB to Texture didn't produce. (See issue 5472 for details.)

As for it working on DX11, I've no idea why - I'm stuck using OpenGL here on OS X.

#2 Updated by wespipes69 about 9 years ago

The new hashless branch has no effect, nor the "cache" option (which is geting killed anyway). Weird one here.

#3 Updated by delroth about 9 years ago

Can you try with IRx1?

#4 Updated by wespipes69 about 9 years ago

I thought about what IRx1 could mean.....IR sensitivity? Doesn't affect this.

Also, I realized it's not actually emulated correctly with EFB>Texture after all. The paint sticks but after you finish the drawing, another rock comes down but the paint is not cleared from before - so is just turns into a huge blob after a couple rocks.

#5 Updated by pauldacheez about 9 years ago

Internal Resolution at 1x Native.

#6 Updated by wespipes69 about 9 years ago

Oh, same.

Also "Breakneck Building" is another mini-game that uses paint and has the exact same behavior - sticks with ->Texture and floats away with ->Ram.

#7 Updated by wespipes69 about 9 years ago

So to sum up behavior on paint mini-games:

DX9/11/OpenGL, EFB>Texture = Paint sticks but is not cleared properly.

DX9/OpenGL, EFB>Ram = Paint just glides off to the right
DX11, EFB>Ram = Sticks and clears properly. Perfect.

#8 Updated by Billiard26 over 8 years ago

  • Issue type set to Bug
  • Category set to gfx

#9 Updated by JMC4789 about 8 years ago

I'm here confirming everything stated above still happens after the GLSL merge.

D3D11 with EFB2Ram is the only way to see the correct graphics.
D3D9/OpenGL both have the paint slide off to the right.

EFB2Tex doesn't clear in all backends.

#10 Updated by Sonicadvance1 about 8 years ago

If we could get a Fifo log of this it would be great.

#11 Updated by Sonicadvance1 about 8 years ago

Woops. Was thinking about two things at the same time. I meant to ask for a save state.

#12 Updated by JMC4789 about 8 years ago

Alright, I figure it'd be better to use a savegame, since savestates don't work well with wiimotes.

You import the savegame into dolphin using wiisave import.

After that, start the game. Because this game was designed by Nintendo's C or D team, all the menus force you to use the IR pointer. Why? Because they hate the consumers, of course. Now, once you go through that, you gotta mash through dialogue. That's the essence of Mario Party, right? Mashing through dialogue on a 100% save.

When the main menu comes up, you click minigame tent, then select 1 player and 3 coms. Select the Freeplay Arcade after setting your characters.

Speedy Graffiti is in 4 player minigames, Breakneck Builders is in duel.

#13 Updated by MayImilae almost 8 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Accepted

#14 Updated by JMC4789 almost 8 years ago

  • Category set to dx9

This now works in OpenGL under EFB2Ram. EFB2Tex remains the same and D3D9 EFB2Ram

#16 Updated by rodolfoosvaldobogado almost 8 years ago

have you an idea of what revision fixes this on opengl?

#17 Updated by JMC4789 almost 8 years ago

I don't know, I'll figure it out. Guessing it was a video common change.

#18 Updated by rodolfoosvaldobogado almost 8 years ago

thanks for the help

#19 Updated by skidau over 7 years ago

Broken in OGL+EFB2RAM by r0255e1391244

#20 Updated by MayImilae over 7 years ago

  • Category deleted (dx9)

Removing D3D9 tag.

#21 Updated by skidau over 7 years ago

  • Status changed from Accepted to Fixed

EFB2RAM is a requirement for this mini-game.

Fixed by re6676b456535.

#22 Updated by WesaMcDaniel over 7 years ago

Confirmed. You guys have definitely been making some nice bug fixes lately.

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