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Wiimote Extensions aren't saved to .dtm files

Added by rdragoon about 11 years ago. Updated about 1 year ago.

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Currently dolphin makes no attempt at all to make sure a .dtm is playing with the same settings that were used to record it. It's often impossible to playback a movie without playing a game of 20 questions with the author to figure out what settings/files are needed to make it sync.

A much simpler solution to this would be to simply save the necessary settings/information to the .dtm, and automatically load the appropriate settings, and throw warnings to the user about any mismatched files.

Things that should be saved:

a hash of the game.
if any save file exists, and if so, a hash of it
dual core setting
idle skipping setting
whether jit/interp/jitil are used
hle/lle dsp
attached memory cards, and controllers (code for memory cards at
Graphics backend
All Graphics settings under hacks, as well as progressive scan.
For wiimote recordings, connected extensions, as well as sideways/upright settings
For wii games, a hash of Wii\shared2\sys\SYSCONF
EuRGB60 option

Those are all of the important things i can think of that should be saved. There's probably more.

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Updated by bradenb95 about 11 years ago

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Updated by rdragoon about 11 years ago

Oh hey, not sure if you saw my post on the dolphin forums (i assume that's why you just suddenly acknowledged this), but if not i've started working on this. And if you have, i've done more work on it, to fix a lot of dumb stuff i had, and save more stuff:

The graphics backend is still broke, and it now saves the cpu core, but doesn't load it, since i wasn't sure which file i need to set that in (bootmanager.cpp doesn't work). Other that though it's working pretty well and saves a lot of the important things.

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Updated by bradenb95 about 11 years ago

I actually had not seen that you uploaded patches, but i had seen people talking about it on the tasvideos forums. So far it looks pretty good, i'll have to look at it more in detailed to see what exactly isn't working with bootmanager.cpp.

Also just so you know the memory card code you linked to from my branch doesn't currently work for removing memory cards during the game due to the delay before the game detects its removal/insertion. In it current state it causes major desyncs, but i will fix it so that it at least works at the start of emulation.

Actions #4

Updated by rdragoon about 11 years ago

Ok, great.

As long as it sets the memory card at the start, that should be fine. I can't imagine too many situations where it'd really be too useful to remove it in the middle of a game anyway.

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Updated by rdragoon about 11 years ago

Did some more work on this. Loading the cpu core is now implemented, and some of the graphics settings are now saved. Patches are in the .zip i linked above.

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Updated by rdragoon about 11 years ago

wooooow, apparently i somehow had GFXBackend = 1 in my dolphin.ini. So that was actually working all along. Only thing of significance left really is the memory cards, so i'll just do that in a little bit.

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Updated by rdragoon about 11 years ago

Memory card is now saved, but loading isn't working.

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Updated by rdragoon about 11 years ago

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Wiimote settings, SYSCONF, and euRGB60 option still need to be saved, but otherwise this is basically done. Wiimote recording barely works as is though, so it's not really important.

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Updated by delroth over 10 years ago

RachelB, status of this issue?

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Updated by rachelbryk over 10 years ago

Same as last update.

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Updated by hegyak about 9 years ago

I checked a DTM from version 4.0-2936 and the Audio Backend is not saved. According to this page:

Audio Backend is supposed to be recorded at 0x061 But I don't see anything there.

Actions #12

Updated by rachelbryk about 9 years ago

It never has been saved there, and there's not really a need for it, since it's already at 0x8d. It was just a placeholder from before my time. I'll change it to just say reserved on that page to avoid confusion.

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Updated by JMC4789 about 9 years ago

What settings aren't saved to dtm at this point?

Actions #14

Updated by rachelbryk about 9 years ago

Wiimote extensions.

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Updated by theincrediblemastere over 7 years ago

Any news about this?

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Updated by JMC4789 about 1 year ago

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