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Add ability to choose audio output device.

Added by ulaoulao over 11 years ago. Updated over 4 years ago.

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Sorry if this is the incorrect means on how to make a request but I was told to do so here from an admin.

Basically I would like to see an audio out option for spdif.
more talk about my issue here

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Updated by white.phoenix over 11 years ago

This would be useful to choose the device dolphin outputs to (if you don't want it using the default windows device), but I would word this issue differently because reversely if mthe default device was already SPDIF and you wanted dolphin to output from "Speakers" then you'd just need an option to set any of the devices listed.

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Updated by Sonicadvance1 over 11 years ago

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Updated by Montisaquadeis over 11 years ago

Allow us to choose the default output device seprately from what windows has as its default audio output. Is how I would name it.

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Updated by Montisaquadeis over 11 years ago

That works as well.

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Updated by white.phoenix over 11 years ago

(as I mentioned in IRC) I can also see it being very useful to select HDMI as audio output device if you're using a TV, and you'd rather windows sounds go to your receiver/speakers.

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Updated by ulaoulao over 11 years ago

Wow, amazing you guys knew exactly what I meant. It took a page on the forums to get the understanding down. Yes I agree the wording is much better. I assume this would only be an option for OpenAL but may be best to keep it global to all sound backends if possible.

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Updated by NeoBrainX over 11 years ago

Shouldn't the OS sound system be responsible for choosing the correct audio device? PulseAudio supports that, and so should Windows IIRC. Dunno about OS X.

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Updated by ulaoulao over 11 years ago

Then one would question why 95% of all dvd capable players ( be it files or discs players ) have the spdif out feature. I have never seen the OS sound driver act smart enough to know if its a digital send here, or analog send here. I agree it would be nice.

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Updated by david.proweb over 10 years ago

Some update about that? My kid plays everyday and I need to stop my Grooveshark to he stop disturbing me. :(

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Updated by ulaoulao over 10 years ago

More options the better.

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Updated by thomy.kevin over 10 years ago

Any news about this issue ?

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Updated by Amir.rasteg over 10 years ago

I know its possible, I seen tons of applications ignore windows audio settings and have their own config. plex is one example

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Updated by ScottJCochrane about 10 years ago

Yes the OS is responsible for the default audio device most of the time this is a great thing.

But when you have a TV-Out via HDMI you want some audio to go to that and some audio to remain going through your speakers.

IF everything uses the default audio device, EVERYTHING goes through it, so if I set the default audio device to my tv which I must do to play it via my TV I cannot do anything else. I can't put a youtube video on and listen to it and play, which I could potentially do if I could set the audio device inside dolphin.

Here's an example of an app that allows you to choose the audio device, media player classic/potplayer/vlc, all of these allow you to do it, which is awesome. They allow me to have the TV dedicated entirely to playing media and I can still run other things on my PC with audio coming out of the speakers.

Finally, it would make Dolphin a little less of a pain to set up, as right now its yet another thing I have to do in advance before I run the thing.

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Updated by duynguyen1984 over 9 years ago

I also want this option to be added. It is really useful for those with a home theater setups.

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Updated by j.pacuta over 9 years ago

I too was just looking for this option.

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Updated by leoetlino almost 7 years ago

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Updated by sonic15783 over 4 years ago

This is what I use. Found this a while back and would recommend! (Preferably use the Soft Routing option when routing audio to another device.)


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