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Steam Overlay Support

Added by dannycaller about 8 years ago. Updated about 2 years ago.

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Sorry if this is wrong, I can't seem to find how to post an improvement suggestion here, rather than report a bug.

So Dolphin could use better support for Steam's Overlay. Steam's Big Picture significantly improves emulation with its superb UI for joypad gaming and to be able to use the Overlay with Dolphin games would be great.


#1 Updated by delroth about 8 years ago

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Yeah, not sure why it isn't working at the moment. The Steam overlay usually works fine with non Steam games.

#2 Updated by morello_cpinheiro about 8 years ago

Hoping for it to be fixed soon.

#3 Updated by daxtsu about 8 years ago

Works fine for me..

I'm using the OpenGL backend, if it matters.

#4 Updated by Anonymous about 8 years ago

I've tried both OpenGL- and D3D11 backends and steam overlay works fine there for me. Though, I don't really care about steam overlay as I run Dolphin windowed but I wanted to give this a shot anyway to see if this issue is invalid or not and it appears to be invalid. Running Dolphin 3.5-1063 x64!

What backend did you run Dolphin with?

#5 Updated by Lazar.Dimitri about 8 years ago

Dolphin 3.5 32-bit works perfectly, 64-bit does not. If I remember correctly Steam did mention in their beta client update that the client does have trouble adding in-game overlays to 64bit non steam games.

#6 Updated by Anonymous about 8 years ago

That is funny because I'm on the beta client and it works fine for me.

#7 Updated by Lazar.Dimitri about 8 years ago



What build and you using? I'm curious. I'm using stable.

#8 Updated by dannycaller about 8 years ago

hm, so I've just done some scientific testing and I discovered where the issue lies.

If I add dolphin's exe as a non steam game and launch the game from there, I can open up the ovelay fine.

However, if I open a game directly with dolphin, avoiding the UI, as I do in the custom bat I made (converted to exe for steam), it wont work.

Of course, the whole reason I'm using steam is to eliminate the need for anything but a joypad to play such games and the mouse workaround nullifies that objective.

if it's of any importance, here is an example of the bat I'm using:

#9 Updated by m.can.elmaci over 7 years ago

Dannycal, this is not dolphin's bug. Because you make a .bat file, Steam injects it's overlay to cmd.exe

#10 Updated by dannycaller over 7 years ago

I ended up managing to find a fix for this in the threa dI mad eon the Dolphin forums:

#11 Updated by Billiard26 about 2 years ago

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Steam overlay is working just fine here. Under what circumstances is it not working?

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