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Extreme lag on Dolphin since 3.5-1165

Added by Korados over 7 years ago.

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Game Name?
Every Wii Game

What went wrong?
Since 3.5-1165, I experience an extreme lag at every Wii game on Dolphin
with the games just running at 30 % and lower. Changing the Video Backend
or any setting don't make a change. When I use OpenGL, the emulation speed even falls down to 15 %.

What version of Dolphin were you using?
The problem first occurred on 3.5-1165 and is still there
on 3.5-1180.

64 or 32 bit Dolphin?
I use 64 bit.

What version of Dolphin used to work?
The stable 3.5 works perfectly and also up to 3.5-1164.

What Operating System were you using and what are your hardware
Windows 8
ProIntel Core i7-2670QM @ 2.20GHz
Nvidia GeForce GT 550M

64 or 32 bit Operating system?
It's a 64 bit system.


#1 Updated by kostamarino over 7 years ago

I can't replicate your issues. On top of that the commit responsible according to you 3.5-1165 or
affects only d3d9 i think. Can't see why everything will be affected by it.

Try using a clean build of dolphin and try again.

#2 Updated by hatarumoroboshi over 7 years ago

I confirm this issue on Windows XP with the latest build (3.5-1180 Revision ecb433720948), but I still cannot say what is the revision responsible...

#3 Updated by Korados over 7 years ago

I can assure you that I tried to fix it over and over again with clean builds. Furthermore, it definitely is 1165 and following which are causing the problem because on any build before that, it works fine! Although it just affected Direct3D9, maybe something else got broken?

#4 Updated by hatarumoroboshi over 7 years ago

Now I don't have the time to test, but I think that the revision responsible should be after the 3.5-1165 (maybe 3.5-1175 or something like that...)

#5 Updated by kostamarino about 7 years ago

You experience it with Windows 8 and Xp, and i am using windows 7(not experiencing it). Can anyone else with windows 7 confirm having this issue? Let's see if it is an Os specific issue or something.

#6 Updated by kostamarino about 7 years ago

Most probably it is a graphics card and/or drivers issue though if the given info is correct.

#7 Updated by tommyhl2.SS about 7 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Accepted

This is a legitimate issue. All Wii games are running slow at the moment.

Asus Laptop: K53TA
OS: Windows 7 Home Premium, 64-Bit - SP1
CPU: AMD Llano A6-3400M, Quad-Core, 2.4GHz (Overclocked)
GPU: AMD Radeon HD6650M, 1GB GDDR3 (Catalyst 13.1)
RAM: Samsung 4GB DDR3-1333

#8 Updated by kostamarino about 7 years ago

Rodolfo might know better then...

#9 Updated by tommyhl2.SS about 7 years ago

I guess I should have elaborated a bit more. This doesn't have anything to do with rodo. All video backends are affected while using HLE audio. Lets just hang loose here and not CC anymore people until we learn more.

#10 Updated by Billiard26 about 7 years ago

  • Issue type set to Bug
  • Relates to performance set to Yes

#11 Updated by skidau about 7 years ago

  • Status changed from Accepted to Fixed

Try the latest version 3.5-1189. It is probably fixed now. Let us know if it isn't.

#12 Updated by kostamarino about 7 years ago

After reading that commit, i managed to replicate it only when dsp on thread was disabled and frame limiting was set to audio together. I will try the latest version now to see how it goes...

#13 Updated by kostamarino about 7 years ago

Ok, seems that the combination of dsp on thread disabled and frame limit set to audio now works fine but...

#14 Updated by Korados about 7 years ago

I tried Dolphin 3.5-1195 now on Windows 7, and the problem is still there, albeit not so severe, it runs at 50-80 % and is kind of instable. Then I tried Windows 8 and the problem even gets worse, D3D9 and D3D11 just run at 15 % like OpenGL! What actually could went wrong there?

#15 Updated by rhy about 7 years ago

I can confirm, the new versions are still a bit slower

#16 Updated by tommyhl2.SS about 7 years ago

  • Status changed from Fixed to New

3.5-1189 fixed the issues I was having, but apparently not for everyone.

#17 Updated by Korados about 7 years ago

Ok, I tried Brawl and Mario Party 8 on 1195 and they suddenly run as smooth as ever...

But the lag still is there for Mario Party 9. I was playing this recently very often, maybe the extreme lag isn't about "all" Wii Games but only some like MP9. Could anyone test this game if you have the same problem?

#18 Updated by hatarumoroboshi about 7 years ago

For me the problem seems to be gone...

#19 Updated by gamedevistator about 7 years ago

I think this issue should be questionable because for me, dolphin isn't extremely slow but its slow in some games, but for the most part most games run at near or full speed in the most recent version which is 3.5-1198 when i typed this comment

#20 Updated by kostamarino about 7 years ago

  • Status changed from New to Fixed

I am closing this issue, since it is fixed from 3.5-1189. MP9 is running fine no matter the settings btw, the issue is of a general slowdown with ALL wii games basically, not of lag from time to time in a certain game which is normal with all dolphin versions and to be expected.

#21 Updated by buaskoor4800 almost 6 years ago

I have problem with emulator dolphins version 4.0.2 it come lag and I have a very good laptop asus and graphics Gforce 670mx 16 ram so it come lag how to fix please gays. .?

#22 Updated by JMC4789 almost 6 years ago

This is not a place for support, please check out the forums,


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