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[Feature Request] Add 16x MSAA + 8x SSAA option to OpenGL

Added by MayImilae over 10 years ago. Updated about 6 years ago.

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Quite simple really. Raising the internal resolution is not as good as SSAA, and the only SSAA option in Dolphin right now is 4x MSAA and 4x SSAA. Not very good. The nvidia control panel hates Dolphin, so there is no easy way to crank it up to awesome levels. Take advantage of modern GPUs, and let's see some awesomeer options. :D

I assume it's not possible to add this to D3D11 as well?

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Updated by degasus over 10 years ago

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I don't want to have a long list of unsupported msaa list, so blocked on 6456.

And I don't like our SSAA implemention at all, higher IR + useful scaling would be much better.

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Updated by sirhax0rzero over 10 years ago

I think a more pertinent AA-related thing to address would be transparency antialiasing selection. You can force it on, driver-side, with nvidia Inspector, but that's a rather hacky solution. (To be honest, though, I don't know what's exposed to Dolphin in that regard.) As it stands, alpha tested transparencies are always notably jaggy.
Besides, combining high IR and some AA goes a long way towards killing jagged edges - more MSAA won't have a difference comparable to the performance impact, and while SSAA does have a big difference, the performance impact isn't really worth it...
Of course, one could argue that if you really wanted crazy graphics you ought to lobby for higher levels of IR (6x! 8x! 12x!) with better scaling algorithms (Bicubic! Sharp bicubic! Lanczos! S-spline!) and post-process AA shaders (FXAA! SMAA!) applied before downscaling. (And at that point, I'd hope you have an option to save the unscaled image, too, so you can show everyone your haphazardly taken screenshots in 7680x6336.)

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Updated by xemnasdp over 10 years ago

Performance is a separate issue. Most users don't care about performance if the game is running at full speed. Don't forget that it's not like PC games. The max FPS is only 60.

Also, it is not needed to combine high IR and AA. I'm using 2x IR and 9x SSAA and I satisfy with the image quality.

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Updated by seapancake over 7 years ago

8x SSAA is in Dolphin under OGL, Is 16x MSAA a thing, I think CSAA is used in Nvidia as a replacement now?

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Updated by Helios about 6 years ago

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god no


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