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Need 2x versions of resource images

Added by comexk over 7 years ago. Updated about 4 years ago.

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Now that the toolbar icons and game banners are high resolution (and look great), what's left are the files in Source/Core/DolphinWX/resources. They should have 2x versions for Retina displays on OS X, and potentially high DPI on other platforms if someone implements it. These are:


and less important:

isoprop_{disc,file,folder} (only displayed in one tab of the ISO properties dialog)
toolbar_* (only displayed in the debugger)

CCing jordan.woyak because he last updated the flag images.


#1 Updated by MayImilae over 7 years ago

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I can make high resolution versions of these pretty easily. Just make sure I have copies of all of the files and the dimensions that the emulator needs.

#2 Updated by comexk over 7 years ago

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#3 Updated by flacs almost 7 years ago

@MaJoR: Milestone-Current?

#4 Updated by MayImilae almost 7 years ago

Tagging is so we don't forget. Remember, all I need is the resource images we have, and I can make @2x versions. It wouldn't even be hard. But until I have the current files I can't do much. I know there's US, EU, JP, KOR flags but there are a few other variations. Russian? Australian? I have no idea how this works.

#5 Updated by Stevoisiak over 6 years ago

@MaJoR: All of the country flags we use are taken directly from Wikipedia. If you need more info, feel free to contact me.

#6 Updated by Anonymous about 6 years ago

Rerender at hires, or upscale?

#7 Updated by Buddybenj about 6 years ago

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#8 Updated by comexk about 6 years ago

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Looking ugly on 2x is definitely a defect.

#9 Updated by Stevoisiak about 6 years ago

Have we decided whether we want to keep the black outline for the flags?

#10 Updated by JMC4789 about 6 years ago


#11 Updated by JosJuice about 6 years ago

The new dolphin_logo.png also needs a 2x version.

#13 Updated by rukariosake almost 6 years ago

Somehow the link I posted disappeared. I'll post it again:

They're made of 62x42 in .PNG format, each have 1x black borders

LMK if you want 64x44 instead.

#14 Updated by MayImilae almost 6 years ago

No black borders please, and make sure they are 64x44.

The issue was never creating them though, it was -making them look good-. I choked on that. :(

#15 Updated by jeffrey.pfau almost 6 years ago

As far as I can tell, the biggest problem is that wx only allows loading images at 2x either by loading them from a file, or using GIGANTIC HACKS, as demonstrated in my changeset for adding the 2x logo. If everything were offloaded to files, this would be easy, but they're compiled into the program, which, while more sensible from a distribution standpoint, screws with wx's preconceived notions.

Basically, this is all wx's fault.

#16 Updated by rukariosake almost 6 years ago

64x44 flags without black borders:

The @1x set will still have black border and we'd have to replace them with slightly larger flag images during the down-scaling process.

#17 Updated by rukariosake almost 6 years ago

Unknown flag, design based on Dolphin's nobanner.png image (giant X)

Used with GIMP, font is Verdana and size is 25 (at least in GIMP)

#18 Updated by Helios almost 6 years ago

Can this be closed since this can't really be solved on anything but OS X until wx gets updated, which we shouldn't do until after 5.0 anyways?

#19 Updated by rukariosake almost 6 years ago

Just update the @1x unknown flag then we can be done for now.

#20 Updated by MayImilae almost 6 years ago

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#21 Updated by MayImilae almost 6 years ago

4.0-6990 adds new borderless flags and @2x and @4x flags, but the hidpi sizes will only be on OS X for now. Platform and rating icons still need to be done.

#22 Updated by MayImilae almost 6 years ago

Neeeevermind, nothing will be using them yet because WX is still calling the xpm files! Bleeeh.

#23 Updated by PEmu almost 5 years ago

It would be nice to get this finished off. Platform images now have 2x and 4x versions but we are still missing hi DPI versions of the ratings icons, isoproperties_disc, isoproperties_file, isoproperties_folder, and the debug icons. Also I haven't been able to find where the ratings icons, isoproperties_disc, isoproperties_file, and isoproperties_folder came from so we might want to redo those from scratch so we know for sure what the license is for those images.

#24 Updated by JosJuice over 4 years ago

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#25 Updated by ZephyrSurfer about 4 years ago

There's only a few files left to remake.

@Maylmilae Do you have these images done someplace?

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