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Implement exclusive fullscreen mode

Added by mbc07 over 6 years ago.

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Feature request
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What went wrong?
Some softwares inject driver hooks to do some post processing effects or other rendering behaviors. Some of them, like TriDef 3D, works fine with the DX11/OGL backend, however, depending of the mode selected, it asks to use fullscreen mode. Apparently the fullscreen mode currently implemented in Dolphin just changes your desktop resolution to be the same you selected and then uses a borderless window to display the graphic output. However, in TriDef 3D, for example, it renders the app still asking you to toggle to fullscreen mode...

What did you expect to happen instead?
A fullscreen mode that works with these injectors

What steps will reproduce the problem?
Just use an injector (TriDef 3D for example) that requires Dolphin running in fullscreen

Dolphin 3.5 and Dolphin 3.5-367 are old versions of Dolphin that have
known issues and bugs. Have you tested with the latest version from ?

Which versions of Dolphin did you test on?
4.0-157 (x86) -- x64 doesn't work with some injectors

Which version of Dolphin used to work?
None I think

What are your PC specifications?
HP Envy dv6t-7300 CTO Quad Edition
CPU: Intel Core i7 3630QM @ 2.4GHz
GPU: nVidia GeForce GT 635M @ 2 GB GDDR3
RAM: 8 GB @ DDR3-1600
OS: Windows 8 (RTM) [x64]

64 or 32 bit Dolphin?
Tested both (some injectors only work with x86)

Any other relevant information (e.g. logs, screenshots, configuration
In revisions that have the DX9 backend, enabling 3D vision in Graphics => Enhancements makes Dolphin render in a "true" fullscreen mode that works with the injectors... Shouldn't be hard to implement this mode in DX11/OGL


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I'll see what I can do...

#4 Updated by Armada almost 6 years ago

Please test this build which includes exclusive fullscreen support:

Keeping "Render to Main Window" disabled in the graphics options is required for it to work in this build.

#5 Updated by BizyB75 almost 6 years ago

Thank you for this Build. I also have a setup with 3D Vision and tested this build. The good news is that 3D vision reckognizes the emulator and enables 3D vision thus exclusive fullscreen itself looks to be working. The bad news is that there is no 3D rendering. I've also tried TriDef with the generic profile, but to no effect. Is there anything else I can test.

#6 Updated by Armada almost 6 years ago

I'm going to look further into 3D vision support after the exclusive fullscreen PR is merged.

#7 Updated by mbc07 almost 6 years ago

I can also confirm it's working. The previous TriDef 3D modes that kept asking to go fullscreen (like Direct3D Stereo) works correctly now...

#8 Updated by Armada almost 6 years ago

3D Vision works fine through the Nvidia drivers for me. Can you describe the problem you're having with TriDef 3D in more detail?

#9 Updated by mbc07 almost 6 years ago

Some display modes (like Direct3D Stereo) didn't work because they asked to enter full-screen mode, and toggling full-screen didn't change anything since TriDef 3d still asked to go to full-screen... Your pull request build fixes that :)

#10 Updated by Armada almost 6 years ago

Good to know it fully works for you, but it seemed BizyB75 was still have problems.

#11 Updated by mbc07 almost 6 years ago

Just to make clear, TriDef 3D successfully "injects" into Dolphin now, now we just have to mess up TriDef 3D settings to get proper 3D effect... I tested with an old profile made for Dolphin 3.5 (available in TriDef 3d forums and it somewhat worked but the effect wasn't that good...

#12 Updated by knuckles500 almost 6 years ago

Exclusive fullscreen is working fine for me feature wise. I was able to use NVidia Shadow Play just fine without having to capture the entire desktop window.

The only problem I have is that closing a game crashes Dolphin (either by pressing ESC or Alt + F4), is anyone else having this problem? I take it that since no one's mentioned it, probably not. :\

Also slightly unrelated, but are you planning on doing anything about Dolphin running NTSC Games at 60FPS rather than 60000/1001 (around 59.94 FPS as mentioned here I'm curious what problems it might be causing. I believe someone opened a PR to change this, but was closed because it was going to require a lot more effort to change...

#13 Updated by Armada almost 6 years ago

The crash is a known problem, I'm working on a fix.

#14 Updated by BizyB75 almost 6 years ago

The "injections" itself seems to be working. I've tested with SMG and what happens is that 3D vision reckognizes the exclusive mode and gets activated (light turns on, text in right bottom) but there is no 3d effect.
When using TriDef I don't receive a message to enter the fullscreen mode, so it looks like injection can be done but I am not able to turn on the 3d effect. also the 3D vision box is flickering from green to blue and back. This might be because i'm using a wrong profile. For this i'm gonna do some testing tonight when i'm back home.
@Jules. By saying 3D vision works fine do you also mean that you also have a 3D effect? If so with what game have you tested this?

Hope it's more clear now.

#15 Updated by Armada almost 6 years ago

@BizyB75 I do get the 3D effect, but I'm not using TriDef, I'm using Nvidia 3D Vision.

#16 Updated by BizyB75 almost 6 years ago

@ Jules. I'm also mainly using only 3D vision, but Tridef also has an option to use 3D vision. some games (mostly older games)don't work with 3D vision, but TriDef can offer a solution for that. So some games don't have 3D vision support, but can be activated with TriDef after all. With this in mind i'm trying different scenarios to get the 3D effect working with Dolphin, TriDef being one of them...

But you say you got a 3D effect! That's great. With which game have tried? or perhaps, what am I doing wrong?

#17 Updated by Armada almost 6 years ago

@BizyB75 Can you try Nvidia 3D Vision? Is that working for you?

I tested it with Wind Waker.

#18 Updated by Armada almost 6 years ago

Problem solved, please try the new build.

You can find a list of known issues in the PR:

#19 Updated by BizyB75 almost 6 years ago

For me it will take another 5 hours before i've got some time. I'll let you know the outcome.

#20 Updated by BizyB75 almost 6 years ago

Like requested i've tried 3D Vision with Zelda Windwaker GZLP01
Used build:
OS: Windows 7
Driver: Geforce v337.88
Tried different 3d modes (Always/only while 3D programs runs/only while full-screen programs run)
Tried 3d Vision discover

non of the settings resulted in the desired 3D effect.

Though When using TriDef (with the Dolphin profile from the forum) and selecting the red/cyan output i am getting a 3D effect !!

#21 Updated by BizyB75 almost 6 years ago

@Jules. Goooood news. I've tested on another rig and tested with 3d vision discover and behold, it worked. So therefore more testing on my primary rig was needed because on paper it all should work. so after fiddling with the settings I finally managed to achieve analyphic 3D!!! It turns out that the Setting "Internal Resolution" (in tab Enhancements) was the problem maker. My setting was "2x native" and that does not play nice and results in just a normal screen. Now my setting is "Auto (Window Size" and it works like a charm. My deepest thanks for making this possible and good luck with fixing the remainders youve summed up.

#22 Updated by Armada almost 6 years ago

We're currently undergoing testing of this feature on the forums, please try it out and provide feedback:

#23 Updated by BizyB75 almost 6 years ago

I'll be off for holiday tomorrow, but tonight i will squeeze in some little testing time.

I was following the thread in the #506 pull request with much anticipation and am eager to test this build since i think it'll be a nice step-up in the featureset of Dolpinh vs. the physical Wii. I'll bet this will be in the progress report for july 2014. providing that it will be merged on time of course.

Please note that many people can test the 3D function as long as you got a fairly new Nvidia card and preferably red/cyan glasses. Then select "3D discover" and your ready to go.

I'll give the Feedback in the other thread.

#24 Updated by Armada almost 6 years ago

I know, I've been using the discover feature to test it myself. But we've gotten many different results with 3D vision depending on the hardware configuration, so we're trying to find out which setting works for most people.

#25 Updated by BizyB75 almost 6 years ago

I suspected you would know this of course. It was an attempt to achieve a bigger testing base so that more people that read this would be aware that they also could do some testing and provide some feedback. I'll be given detailed feedback. Thanks again !!!

#26 Updated by JMC4789 almost 6 years ago

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#27 Updated by JMC4789 almost 6 years ago

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Fixed by 4.0-2286 ->

Still should be implemented in OGL, but we can make a separate issue report for it.

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