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Spyro: Enter The Dragonfly Gate Clip does not work on emulator

Added by JMC4789 about 8 years ago.

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Spyro: Enter The Dragonfly

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The gate clip doesn't work. I thought I was doing it wrong, then tried on console and it worked fine. Here's an example from the speedrun, it's as easy as it looks.

The problem could be multiple things. This game switches between 60, 30, and maybe 20 FPS, and it lags sometimes. Dolphin tends to run it mostly at 60 fps even in outdoor areas, where as GC/Wii tends to do more of 30 fps except in very specific spots. Dolphin may be too fast.

What steps will reproduce the problem?
[Don't assume we have ever played the game and know any level names. Be as
specific as possible.]
1. Just play the game and note how smooth it feels as you play it
2. Attempt the gate clip in the video on console and dolphin, it's really easy on console, impossible on dolphin.

Dolphin 3.5 and 3.5-367 are old versions of Dolphin that have
known issues and bugs, so don't report issues about them and test the
latest Dolphin version first.
Which versions of Dolphin did you test on?

Every single one.

Kidding, 4.0 and 4.0-496.

Does using an older version of Dolphin solve your issue? If yes, which
versions of Dolphin used to work?


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System, CPU and GPU)

Core i5 3570K, GTX 760, Windows 7 64bit

Additionally, this game runs far better on Dolphin than it does on GameCube or Wii. It runs mostly at 60 fps, it tends to lag far less, and is in general just a better experience. What I'm asking is likely to make the game run worse, so it does less collision checks (common issue among games, see Sonic Heroes on PS2) and lets me through. That's my theory at least.

Speedrunners have confirmed this issue.


#1 Updated by johncroft2580 about 8 years ago

im always using latest builds and i get lag aswell, one min the fps says 60 then when i turn camera in game it drops to 30 or 31

iv got a amd fx6300 oc at 4.5ghz, 12gb ddr3 ram at 1333mhz, and a gtx 760oc with windows 8 64bit

#2 Updated by JMC4789 about 8 years ago

That is completely unrelated; this is how the game actually works on console. It is supposed to do that, no matter how fast your computer gets, it will continue to do that.

#3 Updated by JMC4789 over 7 years ago

It can work if you manage to lag the game enough. Unfortunately, in emulator that means forcefully downclocking the processor greatly. At least I know it's possible.

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